Thursday II: The Revenge (evening)



having burgers and sweet potato fries for tea. probably do some music mixing and play or watch some computer games. wbus?

saw this on _em’s instagram feed for all of you veggies:


hey eric what’s up?

pasta and pesto for tea, red pesto is way better than green pesto, amirite?

not sure what i’m gonna do tonight, i could do some work but ergh, no. so i might read my book. had to miss yoga because my call at work went on too long. boo.


hey gp. that’s a tough one! i like both a lot but if i had to choose, hmmm dunno. will think on it! let’s see what DiS thinks.

  • red pesto
  • green pesto

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depends innit, probably lean towards red but green is damn good


Bout to make italian burritos.

Still ill. Sucks!


What’s the difference between them? I don’t eat much pesto so hit me up.


Make my own pestos obv. Sun dried tomato and almond red pesto is my fave.


I am drinking a tin and gonna go and watch Thee Oh Sees soon


Spot on, both have their niches where they are better but red probably comes out just about ahead.


Green = basil and parsley and pine nuts
Red = tomatoes and almonds

Plenty of variations though


Thanks for the clarification


Do you have a recipe for this or is it just a bung it in job?

I make my own green pesto but never made red!


Making Sri Lankan daal and waiting for my bf to get home to try to heavily push to go homesense. Think it’s gonna be too late as it shuts at 8.

If not, I’m cracking the prosecco!


Too dangerous to drive, all buses cancelled. Got to walk an hour to work…

  • I’d call sick and leave my colleagues to stay on forever
  • An hours walk in the snow with your headphones on? Magical wel jel
  • I would consider my life choices that mean this is a thing

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nah green can get tae fuck


I’m in the pub. Might get a curry burrito l8er m9s.


I am about to do myself an oven pizza then finish packing my life away to move.

I hate packing more than anything possible.


just do it super fast and then deal with it when you are unpacking*

*sure fire way to get future you to hate past you



Haha fair dos gp :grinning: