Thursday innit

Slept like shit. Too hot.

Hope you all manage to have adequate days


:point_up_2: this :yawning_face:
Quiet day though.

Not even sure what’s for tea :thinking:

So very tired. Have been so excited about my porridge this morning that i had a dream about it and so eating that is set to be the highlight of the day. Here we go!

More job scouting today I guess.


Morning all!

We all slept through for the first time in what feels like ages. I’m tired (obviously) but feel 100x better than yesterday.

I’m on strike today so I’m going down for a picket and then drinking coffee for the rest of the day.

Morning all :wave:

Back to work today. I think that was my last annual leave in the diary until Christmas :sob: but I’ll probably take some time off around half term.

Expecting our east facing, non-air-conditioned office to be just lovely when I get in.

In the 2 hot 2 tired crew.

Have absolutely nothing planned for today on holiday.

I have to get the train up to That London today and sit in a meeting room for an hour or two. It’s going to be horrible, isn’t it?



Somehow was raining on Deansgate as I was walking to the office.

Need to buy a tie today. Don’t want to, don’t want to wear it on Saturday.

Mmmmmmmmm :drooling_face:

Not usually one to moan about the water but the water here is…terrible

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Had an absolutely appalling sleep. Pretty much awake all night. Good job I’m not working 4pm-1am tonight or anything like that. Oh wait… :upside_down_face:

Slept like crap too. Was just falling back to sleep and heard the bin men and of course I forgot to put bin out last night (what do you think I am, a functioning neurotypical or something?!) and wasn’t here when they came 2 weeks ago so sprinted down to sort it and now wide awake.


Off to do the school run in a sec, after there’s been tears the last few days. Hopefully me doing it might not be quite so emotional. I’m not sure whether I should be flattered or insulted :confused:

Anyway, sea swim at lunchtime, along with picking up all the developed film that I shot on holiday in France, so that’s something to look forward to

Sleep of pure shite, was up 3-6am at least. Wah

Should do lots of work but maybe also a half day to go to the beach and for flat viewings? Time will tell (in the next two hours)

Also my stomach has become sentient I think; thing is chattering away constantly

Warm innit

Woke up before 6 acutely worried about a work thing. Had no choice but to get up and go on my laptop to investigate. Hate it when that happens.

I’m in a ‘shit is about to hit the fan’ period

There’s something wonderful and wholesome when you get excited about something mundane. I think it means you are in a “good place”.

I’m waiting for a 1p tent I ordered off of ebay. Was hoping to try out some “wild camping/bikepacking” this weekend but bastard hasn’t even posted.

When I sell on ebauy it’s an absolute mad rush to get that thing in the post.