Thursday (is my Friday)

Bacon and tattie scone roll
Computer locked in restart loop
Some marking
Some catch up assessments
Last work day until January

Possibly drinks.


Thursday (is my Sunday). Going to pick up my new glasses in a bit, then take Mrs F to the doctors, then probably watch both Home Alones I reckon.

Finally a Thursday thread! I’ve been wanting to tell everyone about the fact I’m off work and in bed and trying to decide what to have for breakfast.

  • Peanut butter on multigrain toast
  • Quorn saus and egg on multigrain toast
  • Either with a cup of tea

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Gotta try finish writing up this hr investigation. Not happening.

Meeting an atd for drinks later

Got loads of things to do today as we’re away from tomorrow til Monday evening.
Wrap presents
Post DIS secret santa
Collect contact lenses
Buy last few bits as gifts.
Buy meat for Christmas day
Pack for tomorrow

I’m just laying here tho with a slight hangover. Also, some one said yesterday they loved my voice.

Morning @keith

Today is not my Friday, but I’m WFH tomorrow and have NOTHING in my diary, so make of that what you will.

I’d moan about the traffic, but I’ve moaned about the traffic far too much recently.

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This evening I’m looking forward to finally finding out who wins the star wars.

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Got my annual review at work today - always such a nice way to end the year. Do some food shopping this evening.

Porridge with chopped up apple and blueberries
Low level admin - updating words and such like.
Hoping one of our accountants does something before he goes on leave tomorrow, so I don’t have to try to work it out and do it instead.
Seems to be a week of people catching up with things they’ve been meaning to ask me for weeks :roll_eyes:

Tonight is my work Christmas meal so I’m wearing my Christmas jumper.

It’s rather oversized.


Magnetic rack wanker :wink:

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Finished working for Christmas yesterday.
Going to sit and wonder what to do with my free time for a while, probably play some Death Stranding, then meet my partner this afternoon to go round a few Newcastle pubs for some nice beerios. Chill Thursday.

Day 4 of “feeling really faint and shitty but not enough to warrant a proper sick day”. Ugh.

I saw there was another crash on the M25/23 junction at 6 this morning with 10 miles tailbacks past Caterham and into Kent. Maybe if I remember next time I’ll warn you.

Love you too

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Is that a whisk on there too? You’re out of control.

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Porridge and debugging.

It seemed to be around the Crawley and Gatwick exits rather than M25. There’s been roadworks on the Pease Pottage slip road for about a month, but it was ridiculous this morning, and obviously had a knock on effect of pushing the traffic onto the other Crawley exit and Gatwick, which was probably busier than normal if people are flying away for Christmas.

Morning all.

Came in to the office to find my boss has dropped off my Christmas present.

Same every year. He’s a good lad.

Hope you’re all well.


It’s sort of my Friday but I’m working Saturday and off Sunday so who knows.