Thursday (is my Friday)

It’s my Friday, I’m stressed out my gourd and am very close to cancelling Christmas.

A whisk with a gorilla in the middle. It’s not used but it was a present and I like monkeys and gorilla’s.

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Ah you see that I wholeheartedly approve of.

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Little bit hungover
A lot period pained
Many worries about my dentist appointment this afternoon that I booked as I have toothache. Hoping they can sort me out but I suspect a filling is needed. Can they do same day fillings?

Oh seems like another incident. But this probably didn’t help.

Yeah - maybe people were trying to come off the M23 earlier to avoid that

Does anyone else get the thing where, if you procrastinate and fuck about instead of working, you start to feel bored and fuzzy-headed, and then it feels even harder to get started on work because you feel like you’ve already failed?

  • No, I am a paragon of efficiency and just crack on when I need to
  • No, I have neither qualms about, nor physiological side effects from slacking off
  • Yes, I also experience self-loathing
  • U wot mate?

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Also came on during the night and feel really over emotional about everything and that I could cry at the drop of a hat.

Good things:

  • Today might be my Friday!
  • My favourite person in work is back from sick leave!

Bad things:

  • I have to go to a funeral today and tomorrow.
  • GF is feeling sad about work, which is making me sad.

Plain porridge cos someone ate my raisins :disappointed_relieved:
Small library
Visit elderly friend
Do workout I was too tired/lazy to get up and do this morning
Finally finalise main menu for Saturday
TV at band practice - wrap his presents
Do a chore

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Still got far too much work to do, but now the kids are off school as well.

Today I will be juggling outstanding work commitments, and swimming.

Train to London, spending my last two working days of the year in our office there cos I haven’t been in a while (also gets me a free train ticket to see my family)

Tbh though, I’m mentally very checked out and most now thinking about going to see Cats

Hugs and solidarity. I’m not even on but my hormones have been yelling its the end of the world+ramping my anxiety up to 100 and I’ve had a little cry every day this week xxx

It was horrid yesterday. Didn’t link it up and people at work were all like what’s wrong? And I felt so paranoid and left out and it was really obviously affecting me mentally. Hopefully it shifts through the next week. It doesn’t help when you have loads of things you need to do when you want to switch off and actually enjoy the holidays but it’s always so busy and socially draining. Rant over hugs and solidarity back to you. We all need a little cry once in a while x


Might have some more toast

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Today is my Monday. 6 X 11hr shifts to go. Joyous

This is my entire working life

All my best / most positive working situations have been doing jobs (when I was much younger) where this was impossible, the work just comes to you and you have to do it right then (shop work and the like). I should really change career


You can do it Rich! And don’t forget - once this week’s over, the rest of the year at work will be a breeze.

After my star wars shocker I rocked into work 15 mins late and I cannot even bring myself to look like i give a fuck. Pray4me

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Morning everyone.

I’m done with work for the year!

I’m also knackered - sat up late cos my daughter was out and then I sat up even later watching a netflix doc thing after she got back
What a Wally.

My folks are arriving for an xmas visit this afternoon. They are staying at a hotel and we (me, kids and them) are going to a Mexican place I’ve been wanting to try for ages tonight, so pretty optimal Xmas visit

I need to get moving and go buy their Christmas gifts now cos of course I’ve left it to the last minute

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