Thursday isn't it?

Alright? Been awake since 5.30 cause of the cat being a fucking nuisance. Meant to be going to see the Sopranos film later but don’t know if either of us cba. Busy day ahead too, but what about you?


Morning Ivor.

The HBT household was awake at 3am for no reason so we whacked on Bake Off at 4am. Was craving an oily, olivey focaccia at that ungodly hour.

Gonna clean the house today and apply for jobs.


Got a new coffee machine so currently in hummingbird mode



Last night I gave a presentation to a council in Hertfordshire. Beforehand I met a client for dinner.

During dinner a waitress dropped a bottle of olive oil on me. My suit trousers are absolutely covered in it.

Had to stand up in front of about 50 people, and deliver a presentation looking like I’d pissed myself. Like, properly pissed.

Today’s plan: ascertain if I can get olive oil out of a suit.


What you got?

You should have told them :slight_smile:
You were :slight_smile: :dark_sunglasses:
Dressing for the occasion :sunglasses:


A lelit MaraX :smiley:

Still dialling it in which means… more coffeeeeeee :woozy_face:



Morning all :wave:

Feeling pretty sleepy. I think at one point I dreamt I was at a party with a load of DiSers and was playing “Each Coming Night” by Iron and Wine on a guitar. Amazing how I manage to make myself cringe, even in my own dreams.

Another day WFH today, which is nice.

Fucking shattered. Overslept, run down, exhausted, but off for 5 days after today. Going center parcs innit


Solidarity for work-related knackeredness (can’t remember the right emoji)

I’m listening to Sharon Van Etten (the album Are We There) following your HGATR prompt. I love it! It’s exactly the sort of thing I’m into at the moment. Her voice reminds me of Neko Case.

The end track (Every Time The Sun Comes Up) is always on my Spotify radio so I’ll recognise that one.

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First nights sleep on the new mattress, it was excellent.

Very CBA about work but got a haunted house podcast to listen to.

Anyone got other good spook podcasts on the go? Tis the season!

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I’m ill. I’m too ill to go watch Bo Ningen tonight.

I’m also meant to be running a marathon on Sunday :upside_down_face:

Think you should listen to Tramp and Remind Me Tomorrow as well.

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We’ve had one of those brain melt moments here because we need to decide what we’re having for dinner.

Our daughter only eats about 8 different things but half of those are a massive pain to make or else you need to use takaways and two of them we don’t really have the ingredients for.


Met three (3) cats this morning! :heart_eyes: feeling blessed


My poo smells like a field of cows.


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Going to parent and baby cinema for the first time isn’t it, very excited



Woke up at 3.30 with toothache, or whatever’s going on in my mouth. So much for my assertion that I was getting better yesterday. Thankfully I got back to sleep after drugs, but I’m wrecked today.

I’m in the office for the first time in over a fortnight today, to give an important presentation. I think I’ve got my stuff covered - I’ve managed to delegate the bulk of it, and I just need to make sure people do their bit