Thursday isn't it?

Another day, another school run where the dog refuses to move because the cat will only go so far.


Made a cup of tea and took it back to bed.
Now cba getting out of bed.

Really struggling to motivate myself to do anything this week. Not that I’ve got anything in particular to be motivated for…

Morning all, dashing round the flat tidying because a client has insisted they come to me for a meeting today rather than me going to them (and it’s not really convenient for me to suggest a cafe or anything). Would rather just be enjoying my coffee.

  • After that though I’ve got no more work on today :grinning:

  • because no-one has replied to any of my proposals so I have no money coming in :tired_face:

The big $40 million electric wizards tournament starts today.



Still experimenting with my route to/from work. In my wisdom I thought that lugging a load of music gear on the bus was a good idea and it didnt work out too good. Going to need an extra coffee and slice of toast imo. 10 hour work day then 4 hour band practice, woooo.

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ear plugs

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Tell em you’re working and they need to stop.


combining the above:

  • noise-cancelling headphones and some music you like
  • if you know the time that you’re delivering your presentation, maybe pop round there and ask if they can be quite for that part of the day? If they’re not pricks then they’ll at least be able to take a coffee/lunch break at that time

Beer Plugs?


The cat has been weird AF the last few days. Keeps lurking very quietly in strange places like he’s been put on the naughty step and isn’t allowed to move, then garbles some demonic noises at me.

Woke up very late this morning. Got a day of cleaning and maybe painting a bit if I have time before the school run.

cat’s haunted


You’ve posted this on the day I have a meeting about our Christmas merch. Thank you.

Ivor Dewdney any ideas

How about we plug beer with beer plugs

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shuffles pages of notes You know ear plugs? Sounds a bit like…and you’re gonna love this…beer plugs. lights cigar

I demand a finders fee for this idea.

Let’s say 5% of your jobseekers allowance when you’re fired for suggesting it

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Morning everyone, hope you’re well

i’ve got a meeting at 9.30 so my partner is heading to mcdonalds to get egg muffins and as many hash browns that they legally can give you so i am very thankfully for her.

speaking of which, it’s canadian thanksgiving weekend and we’ve got a big meal planned in as much as we know it will be veggie, so i might need some tips and hints as to what folk normally make that is veggie for a Big “Turkey” Dinner type thing.

also their big birthday present is coming today after four consecutive delivery fuck ups by UPS the slanderous cunts.

How about beer plugs?
Haha yeah i get it ear plugs, because it sounds like beer plugs
Oh yeah, ears works better actually


Morning all!

I’m at the hospital for my fracture review.

Here’s a picture of the arm I haven’t seen for three weeks:

I’ve got work and stuff to do later but this is the important bit of my day.