Thursday its our friday easter megathread

With apologies to those for whom it is NOT your friday.

Dense fog here so on the train instead of cycling in. Powering through work, leaving early and enchiladas for dinner is about the extent of my plans today. Then:

  • friday - easter egg hunt somewhere with various young relatives

  • saturday - getting up horribly early for autism friendly history of gaming exhibit at the science museum

  • sunday - tense easter dinner at my parents

  • monday - slipping into a chocolate coma



Today - bus to town, train to Bristol, bus to Glastonbury

Sunday- bus to Bristol, train to Manchester, bus home

My Friday was on Tuesday so it’s all good.

Thursday - Study for exams, then playing with NOT EARTH tonight.
Friday - ???
Saturday - Wait in for a delivery, then it’s an ATD’s 30th birthday celebrations.
Sunday - ???
Monday - Start repairing two bass guitars which were donated to our library.

Today wfh, run, beer
Tomorrow, football in Leeds then down to Wolverhampton
Saturday, beer
Sunday, in laws family meal
Monday, home

Thursday! ‘Working’.

Friday! Driving to Stroud for a recce and then onto South Wales to work out wtf is going on with our wedding venue.

Saturday! Nipping into Cardiff and then driving back home.

Sunday! Sun, beers, BBQ.

Monday! Hiding from spending time with my in-laws to be.

yes! Yes! OH YAY! 'tis Maundy Thursday!

Gonna have so much maundy today. It’s gonna be the best! Well, actually, we’ll be having a quiet one today, but still, what a Thursday is our Friday to have. Off to Bognor Regis tomorrow for lunch, then back to Reading, for our traditional Good Friday evening of whatever it is we end up doing on Good Friday evening. Probably won’t be much, mind, as on Saturday we’ve got a friend’s 30th down a pub on the canal. Chances are that will be a lot of fun. Easter Sunday looks like it might play host to a festive BBQ, just as Jesus intended. Not really sure about Easter Monday, they didn’t mention that at Sunday School.

Today is my Sunday :disappointed_relieved: Not much going on today, got a shop being delivered and need to pick up a parcel and that’s it really. Might get the garden chairs out of the shed.
Friday - work
Saturday - work
Sunday - work

Is the plan for this one thread to cover the whole weekend? That’s rubbish.

Today: work/“work”
Friday - Monday: sitting

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Feeling marginally better other than the hacking cough, so back into work for my Friday before 2 weeks and 5 days glorious time off spent at my parents’ home doing very little. No doubt I will spend 95% of my time here.

Happy Thursday dissers!

Morning all

Today’s my Saturday! Though I always get a bit confused because what does that make tomorrow?

The invite to go down to my dad’s house to celebrate his 70th birthday never arrived. So we’ve got a five day weekend here with no particular plans. You know the sorts of things we get up to on our days off. Five days of that.


My intel suggests this may not be as bad as you initially feared

Good public transporting!

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You’ve upset me deeply funkhouser

Reminds me: did you manage to get along to the Zoology museum?

I tend to just stack up back to back saturdays where possible

Well it is isn’t it. Who’s going to be arsed by Saturday when it’s groaning under the weight of 800 replies about Easter eggs and how long everyone’s been in their pyjamas for. I’m just jealous, obviously.

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Sadly not. Chickenpox!

Alright @anon50098204

Today - Day off. Probably going for a walk and maybe a coffee, and some wedding planning possibly. Currently have a baby climbing all over me.

Tomorrow - relaxing morning, then working 1-9.

Saturday - relaxing morning, then working 11-7.

Sunday - no plans

Monday - no plans

Tuesday - day off, have my best mate visiting with her baby, so going for lunch somewhere and a trip to a park possibly

Looking forward to the ‘hgwir - ‘good’ friday’ thread


There’s no 0 option so I won’t be voting.