Thursday last minute banal thread



The sun’s out and there’s a little of the something of the spring and summer in the air.


Got my window open and everything.


29 minutes to go.


Rejected So Solid Crew lyrics


At Gatwick and in a lounge, it’s a free bar :slight_smile:says the guy who’s never been in a Lou he in an airport before


that alcohol hit you before the end of that sentence


Just been told I might need to start wearing A UNIFORM at work FUCKING HELL JFC ahahahaha





Started watching Narcos and it’s a bit shit innit. The guy who plays Escobar’s decent but otherwise it’s proper pap. Need to take my anger out at everyone who told me it was good


beware any endeavour that necessitates a new uniform


It’s okay, I’ve told everyone that basically fuck off I’m not wearing a uniform.

Can they make me? WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS?


Being forced to take an hour lunch break but got nowt to do. Guess ill walk around soho and get a burrito.


it’s not fucking lunch time, eric


Check yr normie working hours privilege m8


lunchtime is a time irrespective of working hours


If it’s covered in your contract/handbook I’d imagine that they can’t without your consent but I don’t know and I’ve never come across anyone introducing during your employment. If you kick up enough stink maybe it’ll just go away.


maybe this is how that other guy (forget who) was able to claim he had never eaten lunch


Don’t worry, I will.

The word “deprofessionalisation” has already been used


I didnt say lunch’time’, you did. Im now eating my lunch.


You have my sympathies.