Thursday Lunch Thread

What are you all having for lunch?

I’m very happy that the hospital that I’m at today has opened up an M&S cafe so I’m having my standard hospital lunch. I’m not really hungry but ignored I don’t eat now I won’t get a chance till 4pm

wasabi noodles today.

ate my lunch at 11:15 :sob:


Usually when I do this it means second lunch at about 3pm

I’m going with red leicester & branston on toast (not grilled - I’m a heathen)

Wait, are you having unmelted cheese on toast? Not sure I approve of this.

I did openly admit I’m a heathen.


Sorry, run that past me again?


They had quite a nice looking mince beef & onion pie in the canteen, so I had that with some glazed carrots and creamy mash.

I like how you have one device with DiS open and another to take a pic to post on DiS. Just in case something really amazing happens whilst you take the pic :smiley:

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My lunch:

  • ham and cucumber sandwich on homemade wholemeal bread
  • banana
  • Snickers bar
  • bag of sweet chilli Sunbites
  • diet Coke

(You can tell what’s been on offer in Saino’s the past week)

missing your tasters?

felt like a love popcorn day tbh, compliments my black opium coffee

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Ha, thought using an iPad to take a photo of my lunch in the middle of a cancer centre might make me look like a bit of a twat.

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Photo once it’s made. It’s going to make all kik’s old lunches look like Michelin star food.

didn’t need to qualify it beyond this tbh


It’s the idea of slightly warm Branston pickle that’s causing me the most concern!

Had a shared pastie earlier, when in Cornwall etc…will get some more lunch in a bit when we venture out again…


You don’t post all that much (compared to others anyway) but every post you make makes me want to like it.