Thursday Lunch Thursday

Here are my options. What should I pick?

Note: yesterday’s vegan option included a bar of dairy milk

The green one

Im having orange juice and a carrot and oat bar because ive lost my voice and eating hurts (but ill do it anyway, i do have some huel but i dont want to do that to myself)

Falafel for me please.


What’s in the Middle Eastern Flatbread? Or is it just a piece of bread?

I’m not getting a lunch as I have to attend a lecture about finance in local government. FFS.

Falafel and harissa, yes m8. GF bread might be suspect, but falafel don’t need no bread

It’s a mystery. All lunches are in cardboard boxes.

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Our local chippy got taken over by a Vietnamese guy. He’s still running the chippy but does a good Vietnamese menu too. So probably the only place nr Wigan you can sit in and get an amazing bowl of pho for £5. Had to drive out to pick something up so stopped by for a quick lunch

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Mackerel pate sandwich for me. The mackerel pate went out of date on the 9th. Will I survive?

RIP @rob.orch


I’d get the vegan one but be very very annoyed at having to consume GF bread.

I’m not sure what to get yet. My tummy has been a bit funny so may just go grab a salad.

I’d go flatbread, the falafel one soinds similar to something I had recently which was dry (actually had it near to where you are… so maybe some company?)

just had an apple AND a carrot AND a piece of cheese.

Big lunch for a growing lad

I did similar once before getting on a train to Manchester. Went to the food bit but they didn’t have any cutlery, they did however have those wooden stirrers you get for hot drinks so I used two of those like chopsticks (it wasn’t easy).

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Pulled Jackfruit Soto Ayam, in a spicy coconut broth with galangal, turmeric and chilli.

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Went with Tuna. They’ve put sodding capers in it. Full of regret.

I have literally never had a worse tuna sandwich. Got a falaffal second lunch instead.

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I have leftover veggie sausage casserole. I nuked it in the microwave and it’s too hot to eat :cry:


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