Thursday Lunch


Sainsbury’s Turkey And Pigs Under Blankets and a NY Cheesecake Kitkat, thanks for asking.

WBU? (What’s Being Ueaten?)


Strawberry jam on toasted rye bread
Tropical Skittles
Cup of tea




Sausage and Egg cob


how do i get




Dunno yet, canteen’s initial high standards have dropped a bit recently so who knows…


Game terrine of rabbit, hare, venison and wild boar, toasted sourdough & pear chutney

Roast fillet of Sea bass, parmesan and herb gnocchi, green beans, spinach, crab bisque

Pithivier of frangipane & pear, almond custard

Filter coffee

Petit fours


Sausage roll, co-op Christmas (NB NOT boxing day) sandwich, Belgian bun.


Think you’ve won at Boots meal deal.


These sainsburys christmas sandwiches are getting a bit elaborate eh


beef with black bean sauce, fucking LOVELY

some rice krispie with a chocolate marble top thing for after


They’re everywhere @Ruffers @japes @rich-t

Mine came from Sainsbury’s on Battlefield Road in Glasgow but Tesco must do them too.


personally think they’re a bit crap




Generally think Kit Kats are a bit shit, but possibly well up for one of these. Means leaving the house to find one mind…


Would eat


I’ve never had one - like all of these novelty things I imagine it won’t live up to initial promise.


What a time to be alive.


Not bad but preferred the cookie dough one i think