Thursday Lunch


The Cheesekat was quite sweet and creamy (beangif) but it was nice.

Would Cheesekat again.




not had breakfast, pure hank marvin


turns out the rice krispie thing i just ate was held together with caramel, it was very very very very good



Halp! I don’t know what to eat!


would you try an actual cheese flavour kit kat (not cheese cake)

  • y
  • n

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fish fingers


I know this is a hashtag hot take but I don’t really like cheese that much.


This is a good idea. I’ll see if I can get it past Mrs Z.


can’t believe you would say such a thing so close to christmas


I’m just decorating my tree with Festive Truth Baubles.




Minging meat balls and overcooked pasta in a fuck awful tomato sauce (leftovers from my brother’s dinner he left in the fridge for me. Cheers, mate! :+1:)


Cheese and pickle sandwich cut top to bottom. COME AT ME




needs sauce though m9


Malaysian peanut curry again, no evidence of peanuts but a spring roll AND a bhaji.




Also, have you visited the Gourmet Spud Bar yet?



Gourmet spud bar?

Oh. I think gourmet means options of beans, cheese or tuna so no.


Ah. And yes: