Thursday lunch


Goats cheese salad, apple and satsuma, if I’m still hungry then I’ve got some carrot sticks and prunes to snack on. Once again, dieting sucks.


Packed lunch wanker again today.

Gammon, mustard, mayo and rocket sarnie
Packet of Bobby’s bacon bites
Graze flapjack thing

Really fancy a yogurt so might have to nip to Tesco


Mixed grill day in the canteen, but hopefully not that.




Depends what’s on the canteen menu. We don’t go for lunch until 12:30 but I’m really really hungry.


Mixed grill day, innit.


Might get a haggis burrito


Canteen is doing a burns night themed menu, what is a tatties?





I’m gonna go get Pilpel. Can’t wait.


tomato soup, cheese sandwich (is this better @meowington?) and a pack of crisps


I’ll allow it.


It was “Burns Supper” instead of mixed grill! But they served it in a massive Yorkshire pudding, which was frankly offensive.


But tasty, no?


Cheese & pickle on some baguette thing I bought from the Sainsbury’s bakery section.




Polynesian chicken with supposedly pickled vegetables.


Is that a yes?