Thursday Lunch

It’s Thursday, it’s lunch time, it’s Thursday Lunch Time! I had soup again, anyone not repeating the same lunch over and over like some kind of ridiculous art piece (it was nice, but it was soup again)?

I had a mac and cheese burger again :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


To be fair, it looked amazing so I can totally endorse that

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I felt awful (tired) after it yesterday, but perhaps that was burger AND THEN a brownie after. Haven’t had the brownie this time, have I? taps nose

Ah, wise, no sugar crash for you!

Saag paneer kati roll

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Been eating hoops on toast almost every day since I got back


I do love hoops, good shout there.

[Forgot to big up toast too, great bunch of bread]

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Chicken fajita flatbread (pizza, basically) and lentil soup followed by a coffee and some shortbread.

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Soup and a salad

With obligatory children’s keyboard for @Epimer


Oof, nice. I forgot, I have also eaten a mince pie, a stollen slice, and two apricot-filled lebekuchen hearts. This is why I don’t do diet trackers

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That salad looks epic, and soup in a mug? Lovely.

:carrot: :carrot: :carrot:


That looks fancy, is that endive? Nice

Feel a bit bad for your colleague who, from this vantage point, seems to just have some bread, but I reckon there’s a soup nestling in there somewhere

Bit MasterCheffy

May or may not have been inspired by the Bob Mortimer thread to stick some dippers in the oven for us dinner.

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Nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from one of our great living funnypeople. What are you having with those dippers? Is it beans?

I had a bagel with smashed avo, toms and cucumber in

it was delicious

(toasted the bagel obvs)


Of course, who would pass up the opportunity to toast a bagel! Top lunching

do i hate myself enough to get microwave bolognese for lunch?

probably, yes.