Thursday Lunch

I’ve got truffle mac n cheese. It’s quite a big portion size so will leave the other half till tomorrow and have something light tonight. What you having?

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Had freezer spag* bol. Not going to be eating until late tonight so wanted something substantial.

It was fine.


Ooo that looks good. I’m going to do pork loin steaks, some peppered white gravy from a mix we got in our American food shopping, mash or chips and peas. Had 3 scotch eggs for breakfast so this’ll be a step up.

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had chicken enchiladas again

I’ve been very fatigued this week so I’ve not made the effort to prepare anything. The lamb patty I got from the shop was all right but it had some little bits of bone in. The BBQ pork crisps I’m eating now are good though

Unsure what to get.

Might go for a trek and get cubanos but they’re so far away from me

I’m pretty much in awe


Got a veggie falafel rice box from pret. Gonna accompany it with crisps and chocolate and a satsuma.

Don’t really do breakfast food unless it’s a fry up so it was the most appropriate thing from what we had in.

i can’t eat at work, idk why. so my dinner this evening is halloumi cakes and noodles.

Do you not eat between breakfast and dinner?

Had leftover halloumi, chicken souvlaki and tabbouleh from last night, to which i added some xx sauce i had kicking around my desk. Ate it right out of this box, so i did.


Got a sample/test sandwich from work for lunch.
Brie, bacon & chilli jam on a brioche bun

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i don’t have breakfast either, one meal a day for me

Sounds pretty nice. Do you have to give it a score?


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Yeah got to fill ina questionnaire thing, how much you’d pay, what you’d eat it with, how many chillis out of 5 etc.

Free food

just realised this myself, one meal p/d is not good for you at all is it really :grimacing:

I have the same as @Avery

Should I heat up my halloumi?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes and the chicken too

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Going to do work then come back to this thread in 10 minutes.

Go eat something :grinning: (and report back here, obvs)

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