Thursday Lunch 🥯🌭🥫🥪

I have a massive craving for beans on toast. It’s been years since I had beans on toast so I don’t know why.

I’m not at home so I will not be having that - but what will I have instead? :thinking: there is a :bagel: shop near my office that I might investigate.

Tell me what you’re eating! Show us pictures! If it’s not great tell us what you’d rather be having instead.

only day in the office this week so it has to be vegetable katsu curry from Panko

just ate 5 of these

topped with chicken mayo

was good

Take a pic x

Had M&S Cream of Tomato Soup and some wholemeal bread

was quite nice thanks

I ripped the bread up into chunks and popped it into the soup and then ate it with a spoon

I call it chunk and dunk

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Going to have an egg mayo sanger I think. Probs get some spring onions up in that shit, couple of satsumas, pack of crisps, don’t give a fuck

Quite fancy this too actually. But don’t think I could wait long enough for it to warm up a bit - hate cold sandwiches

Anyone else having lunch today?

I am literally the most suggestible person on earth. I really want beans on toast now.
Actually, I want cheese on toast. I think I know what I’m having for breakfast on Saturday :smirk:
Lunch is same as every other day this week.
Tabbouleh, falafel, salad, halloumi, hummus.


pasta with salad cream and cold sausages.

No photo because I’ve already finished it.


I had beans and sausages on toast on Sunday evening. Just seeing your beans and raising you sausage

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I’ll raise your abandon reply



Save it for Thurs…


Irn :weight_lifting_man: Bru

Cheeky m&m’s


Cheese on beans on toast I mean

nasi goreng

Not as suggestible as me


Honey balsamic :rooster: , sweet :potato: wedges, :green_salad: :ok_hand:

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