Thursday March the 22nd 2018

Morning DiS. What you got going on today? I’m off for some x-rays to try and find out what’s wrong with my joints. After that it’s packing for the rest of the day, with occasional breaks for food.

Gunna go into the office and pretend to do work while arranging mortgage and solicitor meetings etc

What bounce u packing for hun?

Finally moving house next week after nearly 6 months of staying with my parents due to various estate agents/solicitors/general dickheads fuck ups.

Ah nice! Next 6 months of my life then

Hopefully yours’ll go much smoother than ours. We sold our old flat, had to pull out of our first purchase cause our buyer’s solicitors were doing no work and the seller got all stroppy, left Bath anyway and moved to My parents’, found a second place to buy, that fell through cause the management company were corrupt dodgy fucks, and now our third pick had just exchanged. I’m tired out just typing that and thinking about it all again. Rant ends.



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Jeez sounds rough. Fingers crossed ours should be smooth as the seller’s have said they can stay at one of their parents’ if they’re struggling to find a place so shouldn’t get held up too much

Got into work before 8am. Normal bus journey takes 50 minutes, leaving home an hour eariier the bus takes 35 minutes. Hopefully I’ll be home by 4.45. Had to find a quick job I could do as soon as I got here though - so I could email a PDF that required CC’ing the boss to ensure he knows that I was here at early doors.


It’s been quite a 6 months but we’ve ended up with a nicer place in a better location so all’s good now. Sounds like yours will be a much easier one.

Morning. WFH again. Set myself a start time of 8. So I’m late. Will start at half past.

Had a great night last night. Just a couple of drinks, food and Limmy. And some big new for one of my best friends :slight_smile:

Probably go the library after lunch to break up the day/get a coffee.

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Day off today. Midwife appointment in a bit. Then me ma is popping up for lunch. Then I might go pick up the pram/carseat combo

How long to go now before rich-t jr makes an appearance?

Going to be late for work.

oh no

7 weeks or so


Annual review today, with both my boss and his boss. Do not want.

Morning! Got our our end of year project meeting today. Have to demonstrate what we’ve been doing for the past year to management :grimacing:

Half day at work then off to the doctors as I’ve still got an irregular heartbeat and getting 3-4 hours sleep at night

That sounds proper shitty, hope they can get it sorted pal.

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The Funkman!

Got my brother-in-law and his missus coming round for dinner tonight, some familial complexities lead me to believe it’ll be quite a tense evening at times.