Thursday March the 22nd 2018

Yeah I think we’re going to need live updates from this.

Nah, bit too personal and entrenched in my wife’s family politics for a DiS share tbh.

Cheers funky

Sounds intense, sorry didn’t mean to make light of it.

No apology necessary man, if it was my own family I’d probably be spilling the beans innit.

Yeah always tricky when it’s the in-laws. Hope you’ve at least got something good on the menu.

Puttanesca :spaghetti: :+1:

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Morning, tomorrow’s my last day on this job and I’m flying back home tomorrow night. Gutted I missed Fever Ray last night but the TV went alone and said it was visually the best gig he’d ever seen.

Gonna be rough today but I got a lie-in at least. Been doing 8-8 and eating packet noodles for dinner for the past two weeks.

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Had a shite argument last night which has kept simmering until this morning. GREAT STUFF.

Gonna go to the Barb library at lunch and get a book out for my train journey tomorrow. Might head to the book thread to get some inspiration.

first day back from a three day annual leave scene. attempting to make it through the remaining 7 hours while doing as little as possible.


apologies for drunken evening thread ranting

if it helps i’m very hungover right now


I need to invite not-in-law-but-in-law family round to mine for a move-past-the-tension dinner in the next few weeks :woman_shrugging:

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I’m going to see Maria Bamford later. Quite excited.

Otherwise, I’ve ran out of coffee pods so I need to pop out for coffee in a min. It’s cold tho and I’m tired.


Well, it’s Thursday.

Fucking horrible innit. We all get on really well normally but things have been a bit strained recently and it’s beyond me and my wife’s control frustratingly.


bloody lawyers

That’s libelous, I’m not actually a lawyer.

I’ll see you in court.


Endured terrible stomach cramps on the train this morning. Had no idea what it was. Maybe an adverse reaction to the slightly unripe banana? Then, whilst walking past some innocent bystanders, I unleashed an unholy guff, both potent to the smell and touch.

Booked a holiday for next week. Levels of work cba are now critical