Thursday morn

Hello! Still feel like shite so staying in bed for as long as possible. Was supposed to go to the office for a private view of our new sci-fi exhibition, but having to miss out. FU, covid!!!

What you all up to today? What’s for lunch?

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When I want to know what Gen Z is thinking I always turn to Daily Mail Australia


My Friday cause I’m off tp see Billy Idol tonight


billy idol GIF by iHeartRadio

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Going to take dog for quick walk in a minute.

Need to pick bike up from Local Shop and take it to shop I bought it from to hopefully get something fixed under warranty otherwise £££

Might pick a nice sandwich up from the fancy deli for lunch while I’m in town.

Hope everyone has a great day :+1: :+1: :+1:

Tell him I thought he was funny in the wedding singer.


Covid Lite (vaccine response) is kicking the shit out of me so I’m staying in bed until that goes away


Today is already very trying. Ratty toddler been up since 4.30, got to look after and entertain him all day, then do a shift at work until midnight. Looooonng day. Cba.

Doing the washing up then off out to get him a birthday card for tomorrow. Boring

Could be left over curries for lunch, or a ham, cheese and coleslaw sarnie. Or soup. Dunno.

Morning. I was just looking at some photos before bed. I took this one this morning outside our hotel, before we moved on. I suddenly remembered getting home from dinner last night, going to the toilet and hearing what sounded like gunfire and screeching tires. I went back to our room , but gnome hadn’t heard anything so I put it down to boy racers backfiring, and went for a swim. Anyway, I just googled, and apparently there was actually a drive-by shooting right outside our hotel. Thankfully no one was harmed.

Hang on, I thought a full stop at the end of a sentence marked you as old and passive aggressive, now it’s :+1: ? Does that mean I can start using full stops again without thinking that I might be offending someone?

Does Billy Idol mandate that you take a day off after seeing them live?

It’s my Thursday, because I’m going to see Fujiya & Miyagi tonight, and they don’t care when I take my holiday. Also, the gig will be done by 10pm so I’ll still be bright as a button tomorrow.

Morning. Was supposed to be in the office with some new work pals today before a team building mini golf excursion but I’ve woken up with a stinking cold. Now wracked with guilt about standing people up and inconveniencing them.

Really struggling with social anxiety recently, this shouldn’t be a big deal but I’m very :grimacing: over it.

Bloody hell


Reading he Metro letters page

Then some pro-landlord ones

The UK is shite.

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Morning all!

Last day in proper work for ten days so that’s nice. Absolutely can’t be CBA so I drove to work and it took the same time as walking.

Cold, isn’t it?