Thursday morn

I think he would do!

Just still have a suprisingly high amount of holidays left and nothing coming up other than Christmas which warrants them so may as well use it tomorrow the night after something I do have on, even if I’m not planning on drinking or anything

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Season 3 Nbc GIF by The Office


Over in Edinburgh for some training which means…lunch is on expenses baby*

*up to value of £8.25


Morning all :wave:

Morning DiS :wave:

Had coffee and crumpets (with golden syrup - as we’ve ran out of butter) for breakfast.

Sun is shining outside so that’s nice.

Got baby sensory at 11am then might go for a walk around town afterwards, make the most of the sun.

Need to sort something for tea too as not sure we’ve got anything in…will check freezer first.

Was this nice? I’m intrigued!

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Used to have that all the time for Sunday tea as a kid (with butter too though)

Think it would make my teeth itch now



After my stressed state at work yesterday I’m now
Over It Shout Out To My Ex GIF by Little Mix

Just gonna roll with the chaos

Have 2 possible plans tonight - but most likely will get flaked by both and end up home alone but that’s probably ok

Have a lovely day everyone!

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Yehhh! Its good, and the syrup soaks through so you can use the edges that arent as syrupy to mop it up at the end. Yum yum.

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Ooh ive never tried butter and syrup! Always one of the other.

Dingers did i ever tell you about a time i crashed one of those viewings by accident, was supposed to meet my friends for a late event and turned up a bit early, there was someone at the door and one of my friends was there with her workplace for the event and had put me down on the list. The person at the door couldn’t find my name and i insisted I’m invited and maybe my name is misspelled but I’m definitely invited. I told her my friend is probably inside now, and I’ll go find her. She gave me a tote bag and let me in, and i went to the toilet to message the group chat and explain that I’m early and had trouble getting in. They were like “the event is next week???” and i realised I’m not 15 min early like i thought, but a whole week. Was confused, wondering why the place is even open and what’s going on. It turns out it was a private viewing for family and friends of the inventor of a robot :sob: i just stood there for the speech out of politeness and then left :sob: i still have the tote bag, it was a good one


I’m a big fan of butter and marmite on crumpets, although the flavours do linger in your mouth for the rest of the day

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Pub lunch today on the agency I’m working for :+1:


Got a work book club meeting shortly, nice recreation of uni seminars of a last minute skim read to get through the session.

Sun and blue sky outside so going to keep up the long lunch walks.

Realised one of the burgers I ate last night was still uncooked in the very middle but kept on trucking. Have the shits now.

The dude who cycles around blasting music was playing this, this morning

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Awww! That’s so cool! Wish I had the confidence to crash more parties, I once went to a blogger do with my mate and because we spent so long gossiping we ended up being present for the staff after-party :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Apocryphally, isn’t almost everything in the Metro letters page made up?

A friend-of-a-friend worked on it around 2007 and said something to the effect that anything that isn’t signed as being ‘via email’ is just page filler that they made up on the spot.

Morning fools,

what a surprise…i can’t be arsed! Hope you’re all ok.

My son is doing loads better now - still off school though so back to wfh with childcare. He’s going to have a lot of tele time. He’s going to be an irritant but glad to have him smiling/back to normal to be honest.

Got to bath the dog, children and myself later, hopefully finish my book, fit in a good record to listen to and try to keep my negative thoughts at bay then the day should be a success.