Thursday morning 10th Dec thread so Tilty doesn't have to make it

Morning you guys.

@anon89873996 it’s D&D night and I had a terrible night’s sleep where I had a nightmare about losing track of F and that caused me some 30+ mins of sleeplessness in the middle.

Also Niknak the cat. Whenever I see her sleeping during the day I am sure to wake her up to see how she likes it. She seems to not mind though.

I also only just heard about the posthumous Jason Molina album this week and I’ve already racked up a lot of plays. It’s really lovely isn’t it?

It’s pretty much a couple of plays of this and then a couple plays of Dawnwalker’s new one throughout the day.


Morning, Theo.

Not much to report. Work, quick spin on the bike before lunch… Got a friend coming over for a takeaway later, except she can’t actually come in the flat so we’re going to eat in the garden. It’s going to be about 5°c. Why??? Already can’t be arsed.

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I am hactually walking to the office right now

Got a contract signing & 2 directors meetings including one where the developers show us the final finished demo of an app that I invented & designed a year or so ago as part of my project - so that’s pretty exciting to see my idle thoughts made flesh (or code at least)

I have to learn to get better at appreciating these milestones even if everything is screwed and I’m crying internally to go home & crawl into bed


Had a similar dream to you @1101010 Horrible.

Lots to fit into a very short day, why can’t school hours be longer and more gruelling, dammit.

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Here’s a festive treat to cheer us all.

Big fan of the all out sequins and growing up of the infamous bow.

So that’s who JoJo is! Didn’t realise she was a singer


Just trying to finish Xmas shopping, Dad who’s only real interest is allotment just seen you can buy dried alpaca poo for fertiliser (@casinobay)





About to go eat some of Dis favourite Weetabix

Just for the kids, slicky, after 3pm teachers can go home and they kids can sweep the chimneys or something

  • Official Weetabix
  • Own brand Weetabix

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Oh yes, I had (own brand) weetabix this morning too, but only because I’m out of cornflakes. For someone who does so much cooking, I have a really drab breakfast routine.

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A big bowl keeps hunger locked up til lunch maybe 11 when I’ll have a cereal bar or a banana or something.

ADDITIONAL - one of the advantages of working from home permanently is that I make my lunches fresh at lunchtime rather than taking sandwiches a lunchbox. This means that I actually eat my lunch at lunchtime, rather than over a period between 10.30 and 11.30am

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning campers. I did some yoga by Christmas tree light this morning, a pretty nice start to the day. Work is hectic as atm but it’s Friday tomorrow so that’s pretty great :man_dancing:


That’s gonna be some glorious eating!!!

I guess you can just pretend like you’re camping?

Can I go back to bed yet please


I only know her for the bow thing in the hair. This is the first time I’ve seen her!

(Also she’s an answer on the free ‘family’ version of Cards Against Humanity that someone had after lockdown and F loved of course. Gah.)

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Will never get over the fact she’s 5”9

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