Thursday Morning (14th)

I’m massively behind on my War & Peace. Need to get back into the groove but my other books are pretty gripping right now.

Anyway, we all had to do the yearly self-assessment training on how to be secure in the workplace. Every year it’s a slightly different overly-long online video + multiple choice test covering the same stuff but now we are able to rate it after:

Clearly Ricardo is after a promotion.

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HVD Theo!

Looks like Klaus and Brigitta are close huh?

On a course, lunch better be good.


Need to get out of bed…

Lying in bed unsure if getting up is going to be possible aftrt that huge swim yesterday.


Morning all. Been for a swim - back to quiet in the pool today after yesterday, when we had five people in the two lanes by 610am, which is cosy - and demolished breakfast. We’re down to one functioning coffee machine in the office. If that breaks as well, hoo boy, it’ll get ugly. Going to buy myself a nice cake later.

Making my way back to Glasgow from Gatwick on the train following an 8hr overnight flight :scream: Pretty brutal and I think my holiday rum is leaking in my suitcase. Got four more days off work though so not letting myself get toooooo grumpy.

Yeah maybe there’s some coordination at the German office to unite against it?

Another awful night’s kip. Hugely CBA now

Happy Valentines you beautiful eggs





Some of my old colleagues are in hot water.

The comments in this article are predictably amazing/depressing. Thank you David for your insight.

Penultimate weekday of unemployment. Clothes shopping and vidja games are on the menu.

That’s pretty bad :see_no_evil:


I have an ear infection, which means that my 2019 illness record stands at: cold x2, big old depressive patch, recurring achilles injury, 1x migraine, 1 week of the squits and now this. Having a right old time of it, wishing for an early death.


Ja - knowing the number of people it must have had to go through to get to publication, it’s pretty crazy that nobody picked up on it.

Also…obviously its setting a standard and all that but more logisticly no pregnant woman is reaching under her massive belly to prune her bush.


I choo choo choose you all to be my valentines! :kissing_heart:

First morning In 4 where I’ve not woken coughing and spluttering, maybe I’m at the end of this fucking cold.


Its so foggy it looks like ive put a blur filter on

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Slept like a brick. I wonder if I’m coming down with something though. My ear is still funny after swimming the other night.

Work will fly hopefully. We’re going to an exhibition opening afterwards so that’ll be good.