Thursday Morning brings the dawn in thread

Achievements so far today:
Successfully persuaded baby* to go back to sleep
Drank tea

Not bad for 6:50.

*is a walking 16 month old still a baby? I don’t want him to stop being a baby :slightly_frowning_face:

  • Baby
  • Toddler
  • Send 'im down 'pit

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Crap day at work ahead.

Seeing Jane Weaver later at Islington Assembly Hall. Looking forward to it hugely. It took me ages to get into the new album. Glad I persevered. It’s brilliant.


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Well whatever Jane weaver is I hope you enjoy it BMS one x

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Some Scottish people are talking about going to ‘the steamie’. What is this scotdisers?


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It’s so dark out :confused:

Off out for lunch and for dinner today

A Place to Bury Strangers sounds really good on a cold dark morning

Not listened to them since their first album… their later stuff any good?

Just getting into them so I’m not really sure about the chronology but I like it

A play about an old fashioned communal wash house/launderette.


Park looks properly mysterious this morning. (The building in the background is the Red Mount Chapel, built in the 15th century and used as a staging post for pilgrims on their way to Walsingham)


Had a sudden craving for raspberry jam on my toast this morning. I don’t have any.

I voted toddler, but it is kind of a transitional phase… can they say “no” yet? My lad is also 16 months, when he picked up that word he started to seem much more like a toddler, more so than walking.


Oh god why is it so dark and early. Kmn

DiS Sarf Laaahndahn drinks tonight though :blush:


Got drunk by accident last night - can’t seem to handle drinking pints anymore

Thank fuck I’m WFH today

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Still call my massive kids my babies!

Walking to Lands End in a bit, V has demanded a pastie then going to some tin mines. Not opened the curtains yet for fear of the mizzle.

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Never been fond of the phrase “toddler”. But @anon89873996 is right: it’s a transitional phase and you could use either baby or toddler.

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My Mam refers to my 27 year old brother as her baby to this day. So basically go with whatever you want Smee.

Heading into work now. I feel like I’m an imposter going into a job I’ll be quitting in the next two weeks.