Thursday Morning brings the dawn in thread


Achievements so far today:
Successfully persuaded baby* to go back to sleep
Drank tea

Not bad for 6:50.

*is a walking 16 month old still a baby? I don’t want him to stop being a baby :slightly_frowning_face:

  • Baby
  • Toddler
  • Send 'im down 'pit

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Crap day at work ahead.

Seeing Jane Weaver later at Islington Assembly Hall. Looking forward to it hugely. It took me ages to get into the new album. Glad I persevered. It’s brilliant.




Well whatever Jane weaver is I hope you enjoy it BMS one x


Some Scottish people are talking about going to ‘the steamie’. What is this scotdisers?




It’s so dark out :confused:


Off out for lunch and for dinner today

A Place to Bury Strangers sounds really good on a cold dark morning


Not listened to them since their first album… their later stuff any good?


Just getting into them so I’m not really sure about the chronology but I like it


A play about an old fashioned communal wash house/launderette.


Park looks properly mysterious this morning. (The building in the background is the Red Mount Chapel, built in the 15th century and used as a staging post for pilgrims on their way to Walsingham)


Had a sudden craving for raspberry jam on my toast this morning. I don’t have any.


I voted toddler, but it is kind of a transitional phase… can they say “no” yet? My lad is also 16 months, when he picked up that word he started to seem much more like a toddler, more so than walking.


Oh god why is it so dark and early. Kmn

DiS Sarf Laaahndahn drinks tonight though :blush:



Got drunk by accident last night - can’t seem to handle drinking pints anymore

Thank fuck I’m WFH today


Still call my massive kids my babies!

Walking to Lands End in a bit, V has demanded a pastie then going to some tin mines. Not opened the curtains yet for fear of the mizzle.


Never been fond of the phrase “toddler”. But @Flashinglight is right: it’s a transitional phase and you could use either baby or toddler.


My Mam refers to my 27 year old brother as her baby to this day. So basically go with whatever you want Smee.

Heading into work now. I feel like I’m an imposter going into a job I’ll be quitting in the next two weeks.