Thursday morning, commotion throughout

Here is the song I’ve been singing all morning for some reason

Ho ho ho hee hee hee
I’m an old fisherman that is me
I catch my fish round the seven seas cause
I----------'m an o---------ld
Fish man


Happy John Lewis Christmas ad day



Having toast with peany b and marmite, trying to psyche myself up for a pre work bike ride. It hit me last night how out of shape I am at the moment

Oh god it’s got me

(‘_’) jlew xmas ad

(‘•’) guntrip

(‘@’) the many other threads about christmas

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I look forward to having a watch of that post school run - what a way to start the day! It’s very rainy here, don’t know if it’s rainy for everyone else.


Going to hand in my resignation letter for a job that’s made me miserable then go see Mannequin Pussy. :muscle::muscle::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::crazy_face::hugs:


Got the heavy cbas today.

What a load of shit (not seen it)


keep getting NaNs from everywhere, don’t know why
been roped into giving a talk tomorrow, don’t want to
need to write lots of job applications and cba
but found somewhere that does a tub of dal and 2 roti for about £2.60 so that’s good

Adverts aren’t art, don’t be ridiculous getting blubby at them etc etc (haven’t seen it)

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With a very special guest appearance from @anon73286315 !


Do those conveyor belt toasters you get in hotels ever deliver a satisfactory piece of toast?

  • You’re just unlucky
  • Enjoy your slightly-warmed bread / charred husk (delete as appropriate) at Reading

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often have to go through about 3 rotations but life is too short so you make do with one and an unsatisfactory breakfast

See, I just had some undertoasted, but I bottled at putting it through again in fear it would be ruined.

Which I think is what I do every time.

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solidarity like

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The mini pastries were at least plentiful and delicious

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