Thursday morning, commotion throughout

Saw them on Tuesday. They were great

Had a shocking night. Kiddo woke up at 1.45 and was awake until 4. I decided to deep clean the kitchen during that time. Managed to fall asleep on the sofa to The West, Ken Burns’ documentary series, then went back to bed at 5.30.

Off to view a house in a bit then off to work. Yay.

morning team, was up for four hours last night not well, so super happy to be at the office today. yay.

buying a new car as well.

Terrible sleep solidarity club

Kitten comes in: smashes the place up. Remove kitten.
kitten comes back 2 hours later and starts mewling and scratching the carpet to shit to be let in. Let kitten in.
Kitten falls asleep on face. Remove kitten.
Boy starts shouting that he needs water
Kitten sneaks back in.


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I was going to rip into this, but then I realised that getting annoyed about a Christmas advert is probably just a projection of my internal anger.

It is a bit shit though.

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Really want a burger


Lots of shit going on at work

Got to trek over to Cheadle on various forms of public transport for a half hour Spanish lesson for Jnr that’s going to cost me £60 a month plus travel costs all because the (very very wealthy) parents of the other kids in nursery didnt want to start paying £2.50 a month for the nursery classes that had been free previously.

Then dashing back to drop M off with my mate so I can go and do a late afternoon tour for some record company people, even though we’ll be doing the tour in the dark :see_no_evil:

4am here, dunkin donuts isnt open yet. Really wanted a hot chocolate. Oh well, off to work.


Shocking insomnia, probably caused by too much stress at work. I’m hoping that once these two projects go live this weekend things calm down for me :frowning:


Fuck Yeah! Enjoy MP!

Drinking on the job was an unwise choice
Four hours sleep, get to see a really right wing American guest lecturer today and shout athim so that is good.

I always wanted a dog called Fish

If I’m staying in a hotel multiple days, I will adjust the dial til I get it right.

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Turn the dial up! (No fridge jokes pls)

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There’s a knob on the side that effectively turns it up.


you got a torch/laser pointer?

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poor meths


In Lanzarote the normal bread was crap, but I kept toasting it. Then about the 4th or 5th day I saw someone putting slices of the nice baguette through it. And was like ‘why didn’t I think of that’


Only just clicked what the metal cage things on the toasters were for on my most recent hotel breakfast

a hotel I was at in Cyprus last year, expressly forbid the passing of non-standard breads though the machine. I only noticed the sign after inserting a couple of fully seed covered slices. I tell you, the next 30 seconds to a minute was one of the most exhilarating times of my life, as I carefully kept half an eye out for the bread police, with a stance that suggested I was one counter along from the toaster.