Thursday Morning Inconvenience

Woke up early to drive through the darkly rainness aaaaaand my train has been cancelled so I’m waiting over half an hour in the car park thinking about the wonderful lie in I could have had

It would have been so nice.

That’s how good it would have been

Ah well

Moooorning everyone

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Morning Manches

Guess what? Going to work.

Slept for a good solid 8 hours last night though so that’s a nice start.


Absolutely pissing it down. Do not want.

Pretty much everyone in my part of the department is meeting in London for a social afternoon but going would’ve involved staying overnight, which I really didn’t want to do.

Really hope this means I can slope off early, rather than just getting all the inquiries everyone would get because I’m the only one around (muted sobbing)

Going to see Coach Party tonight! Live music!!!

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On the train to work. What an adventure ( I hate it)

Morning all!

It’s raining here too.

The Child has succumbed to the coldpocalypse so I think I’m going to keep her off today.

Think im gonna sack off going into the office as weather is pish and in a meeting all afternoon.

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Got woken up by wind, both mother nature’s and my own.


View from bed just now


No rain here yet, but I did wake up early from a bad dream where the house had been burgled, so obviously I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Going for some blood tests.

But I’ve got a homemade chana masala to look forward to afterwards (it took some willpower to not eat it for breakfast).

The coffee is warm and the butter on my toast melted perfectly, so that’s nice.

The rain is apocalyptic so might see if my partner fancies a James Bond trip this morning.


Cold and wet here, but I’m not at work today so I’m still in bed with a mug of tea and a small dog who wants to lie across my legs and snooze. Could be worse.


Swapped my day off to tomorrow so I’m working today buy incredibly resentful about it. Got a meeting soon that I’ve done zero prep for and they’re definitely expecting prep. Need to get into blag mode.

This was the view from our holiday cottage when I was pacing around trying to sooth our tiny baby at 5am this morning:

Red sky in the morning … It gonna rain all day


Soooo tired

Woken up early by a phone call telling me I have a niece :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Best alarm ever :heart:


Morning folks.

Another one on cold-and-rainbook. I got up, made my cup of tea and have come back to bed with it otherwise I’d have probably put the heating on.

If it dries up a bit, going to pop out for a few bits and bobs and a cinabuffin. If not, I’ve got some new tyres for my bike being delivered so will have a fun time fitting those, I’m sure.

Morning. Absolutely in the toilet MH wise atm. Really hard going to work to listen to the complaints and worries of 50 odd colleagues when all you want to do is walk away from everything. Oh well. Had some nice hugs with the kids before I left.


Safebruv birthday today. Feel well old.

Gonna go out and eat nice food and get drunk later


Happy birthday pal :partying_face: