Thursday morning mulch

Hello from Vung Tau, Vietnam.

Good pastries, many solid Buddha statues, weather so hot I might combust. Overall 10/10

Now tell me of YOU.



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@moderators please can we merge with Xylo’s thread

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We are perfectly in sync

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Boiler getting replaced, guys are shit talking the work the last people did. You love to hear it

No water though and internet disconnected. Might have to go to the office?? Gross


Was that angry at the football i didn’t sleep.

Supplier at work is trying to fuck on me, today is not the day fam.

Remembered talking about dystopian fiction walking through london about 5 years ago and him going “i’ve always wondered what a tope is” and me going “what?” and him going “like there’s no opposite of dystopian, what is the word tope” and me going “utopian?!?!?” and him going “what has that got to do with anythign” me just looking at him and him going “oooooooooohhhhh, never tell anyone about this”

That was fun


Grey, cold. Other half’s birthday and she chose McDonald’s for breakfast though, a good choice.

Off work this afternoon to go do stuff. Seeing two films and getting donuts, an arcade and a radio show inbetween. Gonna be a fun one.


Specific McDonald’s order please

Got an event in an hour and i am quite scared of how it’ll go down.

Woke up with a really sore muscles in one arm and one leg. That’ll be the sleep work outs :muscle:t4:

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Morning all!

I slept badly because my arm is sore flu jab but I’m at a meeting with SQA this morning followed by what might be an empty class this afternoon a few of them owe me work and few of them are good at attending on the best days. I’m having a chocolate twist and a coffee for breakfast.


And now there’s two!

Good luck!


Woke up a couple times last night. Arm had gone dead both times. Weird


having a lazy start to the day, bowl of cereal and a mince pie, then a fairly straightforward day of work where I can hopefully wrap up a few bits and pieces. May take kiddo out and head to a gallery this afternoon if I manage to finish some jobs.

Thank you :smiling_face:

Exciting times - the gutter people who were meant to come about a fortnight ago finally turned up. They’re currently using a Hoover with a very long extension

Failed my second driving test yesterday. I never wanted to drive in my life and here I am, fucking tortured by having to do it.

DJ-ing a fundraiser for Palestine on Sunday, looking forward to that.

This post paid for by PROF$.


Egg McMuffin meal + bonus egg McMuffin.



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I only go to McDonald’s about three times a year but I go hard when I do.

(Edit: I do not understand how this came out as a reply to the wrong post. Do not understand at all.)