Thursday Morning Tenth of the Tenth

I recently discovered Giphy lets you create GIFs from YouTubes and other videos


Morning Theo,

Been awake since half two after getting to sleep at one.

Reckon I might sack work off and try and catch up a bit today.

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Morning. Just seen a monkey


You absolutely should with that shambles of a good night’s sleep. Hope you are doing okay over all though x

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So last night I had some news that a friend of mine had killed themselves. As a result I drank rather too much and in true barleysugar style fell over in my living room, seemingly busting my nose and getting blood all over the carpet. Even my downstairs neighbour messaged to ask what happened. Scant memories of the actual fact but suffice to say my living room looks like a war zone. I’ve just sent a message to my boss requesting the day off in light of my mental health. Has anyone got any good suggestions for removing blood stains from a carpet? Also, my nose hurts.


Oh shit mate, really sorry to hear this.

In terms of physical stuff I’d suggest getting your nose looked at by a doctor first off and getting blood off a carpet is probably a bugger. Try a Vanish remover thing maybe or possibly there’s some kind of fancy enzyme cleaner that dissolves it (they do say that your own spit contains the enzyme to dissolve your blood so you could try spitting on a corner and seeing if that works).

In terms of the situation, that’s really fucked up. I got into work many years back to an email from an old mate saying goodbye to later discover one of the other recipients had been awake and had managed to get him to hospital. That alone was fucking tough. Dunno what else to say but hugs x


Touching it it doesn’t feel broken so I think I had a lucky escape there. Will probably bruise a bit. Good tips on the floor will try out when I’m not a mess. Have already wet the area so the blood doesn’t dry as I understand that makes it more difficult to remove.

Well if you think your nose is okay then fair enough. But if you’ve a headache (and I realise this could just be because of drink if you do) then I would think it’s possible you also knocked your head and gave yourself concussion so I guess go if you can’t shift the headache?

(I also look forward to you alerting us of your downstairs neighbour messaging you to find out if you’re okay after hearing you spit for the 100th time in a row as you attempt to saturate the area…)

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Haha I need a jar! A jar of spit! Sounds like a smashing pumpkins song. Yeah I think I’m fine and again in true barley fashion I’ve dealt with worse self inflicted maladies. No headache. It intrigues me though, when you smash your nose where does the blood come from!?

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At the airport, got tummy ache.

By the way, it turns out that Isle of Wight is 8x more popular than the Isle of Man despite being smaller!

There you go @plasticniki

Heard @ChorizoPasta is mucho ruido y pocas nieces

(Reading the easyjet magazine)

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He’s doing what to Poca’s nieces?


Really sorry to hear that :disappointed:

On the blood - don’t use hot water, only use cold. I got blood (also my own blood :grimacing:) out of a load of clothes once with cold water, a bar or soap, and a lot of scrubbing.

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That took about a minute to type

Very noisy and few nuts?!

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The decorator we used emailed me at 2.57 this morning to confirm an appointment for the 29th of October. But I haven’t booked them and that was the date they came last year.


Hope you’re ok and sorry for your loss xx


Like the thought that this entire year they’ve been doing this without realising and people have just been going along with it getting a second lot of work done.

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Have to wait two months to find out if I’ve got in with the tattoo artist I love. Two months!

M has woken up in an amazing mood, which tends to mean she’ll be in a terrible mood for most of the day. She will be when she realises the only plans I have for today is to mash some potatoes together. So good at entertaining kids.

Someone make me breakfast please.

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