Thursday Morning Thread of Tiredness and Cringing

Morning all.

Is there really no Thursday morning thread yet?

I might be a bit tired - I just got on the bus and instead of requesting a stop I just cheerfully said, “bus please!” The driver then stared at me for an uncomfortable length of time while in my embarassment I completely lost the power of speech.

Hope your days are off to less cringey starts guys.


Bus please :laughing:

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Done :joy::joy::joy:

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I either came across as the world’s most cheerful hijacker or just a man deliriously happy to be on a bus.

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Potw please @AQOS

Finishing at 2pm 4 day weekend starts then!



Morning all!

It’s The Child’s second birthday so she celebrated by being sick twice before 8.00.

I’m at work until late. My daytime classes are finished (on Thursday anyway) but I’ve volunteered to be on call for the open afternoon we’re running (and do marking), then dashing over the river to see two students in my evening class.

Might spend all day listening to Jai Paul.


Went out for a run and saw a seagull eating a pigeon. Beak deep in the guts and everything.

Cancel today.

HB minikeith


Bus please classic horse :rofl:

bus, please!


Morning horse and etc.

Saw three cats on the preschool drop off, that’ll probably be the highlight of the day.

Fitting a parquet floor in a dolls house, listening to Deerhunter and sneezing every minute or so while I wait for an at home MH appointment. Might do a bike if my eyes stop itching so badly.


there’s too much on the tv at the minute

Love Island
63 Up
Black Mirror
Years and Years

trying to keep up with all of them AND the WORLD CUP! starts tomorrow

Too much lads, it’s summer, why is this stuff not on in winter when it’s socially acceptable to never leave the house

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hi FL!!!


Aeroplane please (Flying to Oslo to meet the GF)

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Hi everyone! Up early as our landlord is coming over to help me unblock a drain outside that serves about 6 houses, so that’ll be a nice way to start my day. Not much else going on today tbh, might make a pie.

Tell us more about this dolls house floor laying.

Morning folks

My pleasant stroll into town in the sunshine was somewhat marred by having to walk through the light aerosol spray from a huge emergency sewage pump by the side of the road

By the time I realised what it was I was committed :face_vomiting:

Once lived in a house where the big tree in the front lawn’s roots ruptured the sewer pipe running down the front path.

We didn’t know and had a massive going away party and at the end of the night the sewer cover just outside our front door was leaking turds, wee etc.

We had to manually move them all from there to the other opening beyond the tree by our front gate and get the Thames Water guy in. Luckily he was happy to pretend it was Thames Water’s job to pay for fixing it up.


At least the woman @AQOS visited was finally getting her sceptic tank sorted?