Thursday Morning Thread

Morning everyone, I don’t think a thread has been made yet, so here it is!



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Anxiety got the better of me so I didn’t write a more hefty intro :laughing:

How’s everyone doing? Hope you all have excellent Thursdays!

I spiralled a bit last night, and as a result I am now very very tired. Got someone coming to pick up the cabinet today though. So that is good.

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Morning @Witches !

Just done the school run, and endured ten minutes of being talked at about Minecraft. “Daddy, can we have a chat about Minecraft” probably strikes more fear into me than any other phrase these days.

Home again, I’ve got a coffee, and I need to sort out the mess I made at work at the weekend before lunchtime, while simultaneously having back to back meetings all morning. What could possibly go wrong?


Good morning all. Oh I’m feeling very tired today, but that’s entirely my own fault. Been doing more stuff in the evenings recently, which has been a nice change as I haven’t done much social stuff this year.

Last night we went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Hosted by these drag artists:

There was a bit of chat before with the film being praised for how much it meant to the hosts, then we watched Priscilla (I hadn’t seen it before - it’s good!), and then it was a drag show afterwards. I didn’t expect to stay late but one drink became many. Had a great time but lunch/dinner/the evening can’t come soon enough!


Hey. Last super late shift today, 3-11. Getting super soaked doing the nursery drop.

Test driving a car at lunchtime. Might be buying said car after :grimacing:


that sounds like a great night, and only saw the film for the first time within the last year myself - Terrance Stamp killed it

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liking the beard

Hiya. I’m hanging out with the in-laws for a week while my partner is at work and I’m looking after the kiddo. This is gonna be intense.


Another wet, windy and miserable morning.

Could do with popping the shops at some point if it dries up.

Used car prices are crazy at the moment. I’ve got a 9 year old 2014 plate Seat Ibiza 1.4, so nothing that special.
But as I’d been quoted approx £800 to get a misfiring cylinder fixed I thought I’d check out how much my car was worth, expecting it to be £2000 - £3000 max. Turns out both Webuyanycar and Autotrade both value it over £6000.

Ridiculous really, considering it only cost around £10k, nearly 9 years ago.

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Was just thinking imma trim it right back :joy:

facing up to the results of a rubbish work week today - might all be fine and just a busy few weeks ahead, might be a proper bollocking :man_shrugging:

grey but not too wet out there

probably pop to the office for a retirement goodbye to someone who was in the office when I first joined, but have barely seen over the years with lockdowns etc. Should be nice but also stressy given all the #stuff i should be doing instead

Ha, mine is £550 ish. But, it has a buckled drivers side front wheel, scratch on the passenger side bumper and patches of rust around the rear doors. Plus it’s done 137800 miles. Lol

Yeah I honestly thought my car would only be worth £2k or so, yes I’ve only done just over 40k in 9 years, but still.

As i’m going to be spending £800 - £1000 to get it fixed I was seeing it it was worthwhile or not, obviously it is.

Yeah, mine was £800 with damages, so absolutely not worthwhile fixing up.

Not got a huge amount to do today and then a tour at 3 so just going to try and stay out of trouble until then really. Might make some threads.


Getting ready to meet some family for lunch to mark it being a year sice my mum passed. Will be nice to see them. Weather is okay so might go for a big walk afterwards if I can be arsed.


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:people_hugging: xx