Thursday morning, waiting on the corner

Oh my days I’m starting a daily thread :scream:

Good morning everyone :wave:

Here I am stood at the top of my friend’s road, waiting for her and her crazy dog to come walk to the park with me and while I wait I’ll type out… oh she’s here!

How are you all?


Working from home today until about lunch then got to take Child 2: the screamening, to an appointment.

Probably going to stick yellowstone on in the background to see how more and more bonkers that show can get.

Absolutely knackered. About to go to my film class (got 12 hours of film shit today)

Releasing a brand new project tomorrow and shit scared that absolutely no one is gonna notice and we get 0 streams

Bricking it really. I’ve put so much time, effort & energy into it & really don’t know what to expect

Not sure if it’s better or worse that we did a tv interview day before yesterday…


Well you can follow us here if you like


Thread title sounds like a Velvet Underground title created by ChatGPT.

Just eating porridge and watching a squirrel in the garden. 5 minutes til I need to do school drop off


On train to York with a blueberry croissant and flat white and my Beckett book

Not had.

Forgot to pick up my charger though so need to conserve battery until tomorrow night



Team day today. Making pizzas and going on a mushroom walk. Sounds pretty fun to me. Slept like total shit, so that’s not so much fun.

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Morning all. Office day in Sheffield for me, just been having a quick snooze on the train before we arrive. Now to go walk up the big hill…

I love the idea that this means you’re using a load of psychedelics as a team-building activity.


Morning all!

I’m WFH again with The Child. We’re definitely not going to soft play again so I might buy her off with cake and YouTube like a good parent.

I’ve got to plan a class and write an assessment for this afternoon and tomorrow, respectively.

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Working from home today. Kinda. Got my ‘end point assessment’ for my apprenticeship. Going to have to spend most of the day under exam conditions in my own house ffs.

Would honestly have rather gone to work normally at 4am than do this pointless bollocks.

Going to take the dog for a quick spin round the block first.

Morning all. In the office then out to look at some cool maker space this morning.

Was thinking more the below than exams



Fire up train simulator on the xbox


Morning, lying in bed getting in a quick Sopranos episode before work.

Got a light evening ahead watching A Little Life at the cinema.

Was off work sick the last two days, the exact amount of sick that leaves you unable to work but well enough to put in seven uninterrupted hours on ‘Skyrim’ while no-one was home. Was bliss, in a way.

Back to the grind now, have a load to do before month end.

This post paid for by PROF$.



Still feeling quite rough. I thought I’d improve when I woke up, but then I started moving about. Back on the Lemsip then

feel another PRODUCTIVE day coming on

means i’ll fail to do a couple tasks I’ve been promising for weeks lol (cos they’d take a lot of travel time out of my day) but hoping the other results balance this out. Just weird how some days you wake up with the right mindset and other times the day is fucked from the word go

booked Exorcist tickets for next week, got a gig I could wander to later if I fancied it (Coach Party, IoW-ers - @plasticniki and @others?), nice dinner plans with friends tomorrow … not bad, not bad at all

Pissing out my arse this morning.


Nicking that
Edit - the phrase not the child

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I seem to remember that maybe @guntrip likes them? I don’t think I’ve heard them, but I’m gonna change that shortly

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