Thursday morning


Up early for a run *yawn* going out for DiSfood later. Need coffee.


hi eric

i’m going to work, as is the fashion


Morning. Gonna run into work and listen to a podcast about the history of Rome :nerd_face:


Tl;dr: it wasn’t built in a day.


Lovely day down here in London again.

Might go and see Otoboke Beaver this evening, depending on what time I finish work.


That’s saved me 150 episodes, cheers!


WFH as I have too many calls for the shared office. Feel bad if I’m just sat there on the phone all day.


Today is my Friday!!!

Off to :belgium: early tomorrow.

Today is work. Need to get a CR3032 battery at some point.


Morning all!

I’m waiting for some people who are coming round to inspect the whole electrical system in the flat or something??? idk

WFH after that as well, should really do some writing which is better done in the comfort of my own home – and the internet in the office has been painfully slow of late, not great when I need to download lots of press kits and whatnot.

So that’s me


Morning all.

Gone no coat today. Feels a bit odd having had to get my scarf back out last Friday.

Got a fairly important meeting this morning. Nada Surf at Gorilla tonight. It’s going to be toasty in there.


Morning pals

Got a morning off and then a call I should dial into probably from the office but might just wfh. Made some eggs and about to brew a coffee whilst this dickhead whines at me.




Turned off my alarm and obviously overslept. Oops.


Awww Frank :heart_eyes:


I love that podcast


Sames. Feel pretty good about it though.


hmm. i was cut off at a crossroads.

by a cyclist


Is this a metaphor


Morning all! Awake too early cause of the sun and that after being awake too late cause of anxiety. A few pre-trial shift nerves this morning, which is a good few notches down from last night’s tour through everything that could possibly go wrong. Might be fine, who knows.