Thursday morning


No, I’ve not gone full Theo, there’s no electricity in my house and something’s beeping intermittently (smoke alarm? dunno) and keeping me awake.

Circuit breakers are fine, can’t tell from looking outside since it’s half four and nobody’s lights are on anyway. Looking forward to getting up in a few hours to ask my dickhead neighbours if they’ve got electricity. Then not going into work because I can’t shower.

Morning epimer.

I woke up early because I feel asleep watching snooker with my curtains open.

Birds are chirping. Got to go to Edinburgh soon. For a bit of a doss of a training session by all accounts.

Might do some cold brew.

Oh, it got fixed. Now I’m just unreasonably tired.

Mini fry-up should see me right.

Morning Epimer, Unlucky.

Heading out to lay a hot steaming vote in a minute.

Off work this afternoon as it’s my father in law’s birthday. I think we’re going to a terrible restaurant near tower bridge for lunch and then to the tower bridge experience. Tower bridge.

Is it voting day, then? Wonder if the Tories will get the kicking they deserve.

Morning all.

Yep. I think they’ll get a bit of a kicking, but nowhere near the level they actually deserve.


I have done my bit to help contribute to said kicking, hopefully they’ll lose control of the council here :+1:

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Morning. Went out for a run, accidentally drew a whale


Morning Epimer et al. My housemate, who is growing? (Maturing? Curing?) his own cheese came back at midnight last night and has left cheese residue all over the kitchen table. Lovely


No, a vote. Like I said.

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More like Zoidberg via Picasso

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Forgot my book.

Done. This is much less dramatic when your polling station is about 50 metres away.

Day off. Midwife and replacing toilet seats today

Exit poll

Morning all.

No elections in Wales so I’ll have to try and vicariously get that feeling of being bathed in sweet, sweet democracy through DiS.

The electrics on our car decided to shit themselves and fall over so I’ve had to leave it in the garage and get on a packed commuter train full of sweaty people dressed for much colder weather instead. Mmm, fragrant.

Hope everyone’s day has gotten off to a better start than mine.

Grandpa Simpson?

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I cycled to work today but my GPS tracker on my fitbit doesn’t seem to work for cycling so it says I only cycled 2km when I did about 12km. Weird.

Bit hungry so might pop out to get a snack of some sorts.

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Bastard cold still hanging around, this morning manifesting itself in the form of my ears being more sensitive than normal, so the standard level of chat in the office sounds to me like everyone is shouting all around me. I might go and find a darkened room to hide from everything in.