Thursday Morning

Woke to a huge black cloud drifting over to the west

Turned out there is a factory in West Footscary that has gone up spewing a toxic cloud everywhere.

They had to close the school because the heating is via air over here not radiators (fuck knows why but there you go) so even though they had the place closed up they couldn’t run the heating and all the kids were freezing.

Alright Theo?

I’ve got an early train to catch but I can’t go to sleep in my dorm because the sweet little Chinese girl who’s being hugging a toy polar bear all week is now playing horrendous death metal really loud :woman_shrugging:

Went to the aquarium today and hung out with some sea otters which might just be my favourite new animal


Ah yes, the sea otters are massive I think? I’m sure we saw some in the aquarium at Lisbon.

Playing loud music in a dorm is definitely not on. WTAF?

I am listening to Rush for the first time (A Farewell to Kings) and I am wondering the same as Malkmus.


Really loud through massive headphones! I can hear every scream!

Theo, Laelfy

Meh meh meh

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Work or baby got you up this early?

Work. Normal time tbh

Shiiiiiiit :frowning:

You mean she’s using them as speakers or are they those open back types that leak all the sound out?

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Up and ready for the day. Looking forward to seeing Men of the North Country tonight. Some of them are old friends from when they moved to London to avoid being drafted into the military. So it’ll be good to see them again.

Just finished work and the weather seems to be turning from being generally rubbish now which is nice. Love the evening light during this time of year.

Have tickets to see my first ever All Blacks game in a few weeks :open_mouth: in Wellington though so it’ll be cold and miserable - and I’m told the atmosphere of rugby games is average so keeping expectations low. Also reckon if we’re gonna get beaten on this tour, this game against South Africa will be the one where it happens.

Keep an eye on the toxic cloud, Theo!


I got out of bed but it was cold so now I’m back in the bed even though i need to be outside of the bed


Where are you? Has summer already ended in the UK in classic style?

10°c this morning on my drive in

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Yeah summer’s been gone for at least 2 weeks i think, although in fairness i think the unusually good weather we had skewed our perception and this (cold and probably raining) is actually just a normal british “summer” day

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Profoundly hungover DiS


flying into Mallorca in a few hours, could have done without that last bottle of wine last night.


Morning :blush: Got a cup of tea.

Having a treat myself day:

Train to work (not really a treat tbqh)
Second breakfast
Curry lunch?

What other treats can I put into my day???


Buy yourself something nice online?

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