Thursday morning


Live and direct from Gatwick it’s me, v tired xylo.

Flying shortly m3s. Got a wife asleep on arm and have forgotten half the shit I need. Standard.


man I hate the shit you forgot bit :cry:

Where you flying out to? Long break?


I started week 4 of the NHS couch to 5K thing this morning before work. I found a Fila outlet store so I’ve managed to get two t-shirts and two pairs of shorts for $70 but I look like I’m MR FILA now, which is a bit much.

Anyway, this is offset my guilt at spending something like 230 big ones a pair of trainers (which have been actually really nice for all the walking to and from school tbf.

Week 4, however, is where you run for longer than you walk and I had to have a walk around at lunch to stop my legs from seizing up. Getting home may be tricky.


Mrs turns 30 on Friday so it’s a long weekend in NYC to treat her!

It’s unfortunately come at work’s most stressful point so my mind is all over the place and have so far:

  • forgotten to take my laptop charger and toothbrush

  • left a white shirt and two iPhone cables in the hotel :neutral_face: bullshit.


Ah that’s ace you’re doing a couch-5k I really got a whole lot out of learning to run (still do!). What’s the temp like when you’re running in the mornings? Better than here that’s for sure!


Oh man. Yeah that’s brutal, although I’m well impressed you have laptop charger that’s also a toothbrush, TBF!

(Sorry. Is it a Mac at least so you can likely find someone to lend you some charge / hang out in the Genius lounge?)



Given today is 35 and tomorrow is 38…not great?

I managed to be before most of the heat today but I hadn’t expected to get a chance to run so I forgot to wear sun cream.

It’s proving a good way to burn through all the podcasts I’m building up at least. Can recommend Gladwell’s new Broken Record podcast, btw.


Been at work since 5.15. bullshit


sucks air through teeth

Called in for an emergency or just the time you had to be in?


Fuck I forgot they’d have chargers at the genius lounges! Yesss


Its peak. Need to be in really. Could have left it until 6 but have a new guy in the role of my shop floor supervisor and it’s not right to leave him on his jack


That’s HEINOUS. When do you clock off?


Xmas lunches today so maybe 4ish. Have to wear a Christmas jumper today as well. Such a bad day.


I mean obviously I’m not happy you’ve gone Dark Side on the computer front but I am glad for you having the most chance of being able to get some charge :smiley: x


Got my eye on a refurbed Lenovo I can chuck Linux on don’t worry


Are you wearing a cycling jersey that looks like a Christmas jumper?




Would you?


My mate mad a couple of techno mixes that I have finally had time to catch up on. And I enjoyed them.

So now i’m listening to them both at the same time just to see how it is and I can recommend it.

I’ve found I needed to open each one in a separate browser (but maybe if you hit play on both of these that will work?)