Thursday morning




got sick of trying to decide on somewhere so we just said ‘ah phuket’


Just smashed brunch at the new dishoom in manchester


the dishoom owner that anonymously submitted that raffle prize has played a fucking blinder

people can’t stop talking about it


our shower is stupidly powerful and just jetted a load of water down the end of my old boy by accident


Let’s just all take a moment to appreciate @ma0sm


Nothing quite like the sight of an Audi with a parking ticket


Best thing about this is that they’ll probably not bother paying it, ignore various chasers and FPNs before being taken to court and eventually flogged without remorse with a thousand car keys of assorted non-Audi drivers that they’ve cut up in the past and pissed off by refusing to signal.


They’ve probably done a calculation and worked out that that’s a fair price for parking round the back of a Wetherspoons


Just looking at my Spotify most listened to songs of 2018 playlist. Gotta get thru this by Daniel bedingfield is at #19



Dunno why but I seem to be sleeping very deeply. My phone went off 28 times during the night and I only woke up once. I guess that’s a good thing but I’m still waking up tired.

Think I forgot to take my medication yesterday :grimacing: too much raffle excitement.

Cba but do have a lot of work to do as I did none yesterday. Friend date tonight though and we’re going to a bar I want to check out, fun!

Dunno what else. Still feel like I need to eat more vegetables but struggling to incorporate this into my diet. Still can’t buy romaine lettuce and an iceberg was like $4 (£2.30) which seems extortionate to me. How else can I eat veg?


Saw a Body Coach recipe on Instagram yesterday that blended butternut squash, cauliflower and carrots into the cheese sauce for Mac and cheese - you could try that?

Or make homemade pizzas with lots of veg on.

Basically cover the veg in cheese


Jesus motherlovin’ Christmas that song is 17 years old.


:’D sounds like my kind of recipe


just checked, this is my number 1 apparently. Bloody hell, didn’t realize I’d listened to it so many times.


Still sounds as good as the day it came out!!

I assume. Can’t really remember cause I was 7


17 year old me fucking hated it but it’s not that bad is it really. There was a lot worse at that time.


Maybe it was Dishoom themselves? Niche advertising.