Thursday morning




What is a dishoom though


Humming all the guitar parts to ‘I Am A Tree’ by GBV in here. Let me the fuck out of work.


What’s the protocol for listening to music in work

  • Ask manager
  • Do it
  • Do it but only one ear in

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This is important


I’m going to try baking things tonight. I’m very bad at baking things and I’m not even sure if there’s scales but I’m ok at dough making. Vegan saffron buns and chocolate things if anybody has any hints and tips. Probably need to clean the horrible kitchen first.


full over ear noise cancelling headphones


depends on your job. i wouldn’t ask my manager but if you have a job where you need to appear approachable then maybe you should. obviously if you work in a shop or call centre then you probably shouldn’t ask your boss.


Didn’t see the word owner, soz


See if anyone else is doing it