Thursday morning

Morning top team. My absolute favourite combination of an early start in work, gale force winds and belting rain.

Hope your day is drier than mine.

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Looking out of the window - it’s nasty…

Can see wet play approaching shudders

It’s almost Friday!!!


I’m off today and tomorrow :grinning:

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Awake far too early again due to the wind and my jaw doing a weird cracking thing when I move it a certain way. Will just ignore that and it’ll go away, probably. Not much going on today, got some stuff to do around the house but nothing major. Still having a bit of a MH dip but better than yesterday so that’s something.


Glad to hear the skies are clearing even if they’re not quite there man.

I’d probably ignore the jaw thing too but I’m an idiot. Don’t be like me!



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Train day for me.

Nothing to report whatsoever.

Might listen to some DiS hits on the way in??

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Morning all.

Fucking grim out isn’t it?

Had a disrupted night’s sleep due to Mr Socks being in a weird mood. I woke up at one point and he was up on the bookshelves by the bed staring down at me. Pretty sure he was deciding which would be the most annoying part of me to land on before I put a stop to that.

Hope you’re all well and that you don’t get too wet.

Couldn’t sleep
Did a really very slow, heavy deadlift session in an absolutely empty gym from 4-6.30am
Came home, showered and had a coffee
Got today off (starting 2 weeks of nights from tomorrow tho :(((( so need to make most of today)
Gonna go out and get some doughnuts i reckon

Storm Gazza is still at it. It’s my day off, let me sleep.

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Morning all!

I’m at work until 9.30 tonight.

My mother will be visiting when I get home.

I need to leave soon.

Had a rough night. Youngest fell during horse play - my fault too - and smashed her two front teeth badly. Look like they’ve shifted. A night of worry, guilt, and checking she was OK, before we see the dentist this morning.

Stories of kids with smashed teeth being OK please

Our youngest managed to run headlong into a bookshelf when we were at a holiday cottage a couple years back. One of her teeth discoloured slightly but you can’t notice it now.

Stuff like that happens all the time, don’t feel too bad about it (and put the nightmare visions of social services at your door out of your mind :smiley: )


Morning Blimey, all,

I need to get back into walking to work. I’ve lost all enthusiasm for marching three and a half miles since being downgraded to a laptop and having to carry that for fear of doing two days in the office in a row, or at least, that’s what I’m blaming. It doesn’t really weigh that much. Think I’m just being lazy, really. oh that’s it, I was going to get a bike. How’s that cycle to work, work?

Contentious kitchen man was reading about some activist who are living on an eco-squat protesting the third runway at that there Heathrow. He kept suggesting they washed and all the usual jazz, before turning to me and asking how I felt about them. I’m frankly not willing to engage other people at any time of the day but at 5 past 7 in the morning… I decided to just look up, smile and tell him that I definitely support them. It was enough to get him to furrow his brow and mutter about me going down in his estimation.

something about the weather.


Parents evening tonight :sob::persevere::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

About to go to bed, gotta get up at 4am-ish tomorrow to fly to Auckland to deliver training to a bunch of 22 year old grads, most of whom won’t be working for us in 18 months. I’m less enthused than I sound.

I can’t take much more of this wind. Today is my Friday. Can’t be fucked.

Today is basically a countdown until 4pm when I can head for a walk/swim.