Thursday Night Fever

Evening all!

No actual fever here but I was struggling for a decent title.

I made some sausagey pasta for tea.

Dunno what else is happening here.


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Hi Keith!

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I just made chicken korma for me and Jimbo. I saw made, the sauce came in a jar. Off to a newly reopened pub with @grievoustim in a bit

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Hiiii Keith,

Had a bit of a weird dinner because I couldn’t be bothered.

  • tuna fishcake
  • kimchi
  • salad
  • olives

Was good tho.

Think I’m going to try and do some work this evening because I want to get it all done before the weekend so I can not think about work at all. But until then, think I’m going to fill some holes in the walls.


Went a walk to Azza’s for a big pizza. Very close outside. Very sweaty.

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Hi hi

Still have 4hrs left somehow. V v tired, v v bored. Knee is giving me jip. No idea what to have for dinner either.

Don’t think I’ve drunk as much as I have in the last 3 days in a long time.
Comics keep telling me we’re great audience member but I think it might be code and they’re slagging us off
To be fair one show yesterday the guy didn’t do his set because I had a 45 minute chat with him but it’s my fringe too



Those pizzas are by far the best and only good thing about Asdas


Made empanadas for tea (photo doesn’t really do them justice :yum:)
Just chilling tonight


Hej guys

Guess who’s got two thumbs and a sewage-flooded kitchen whose floor and half the kitchen units now need replacing…and is already in an argument with the building owners over whose insurance is gonna cover it?

…and the day started so well

Have been havjng an absolute c**t of a week so out for a coupla pints and meeting a friend later for some food .


At least the weather stayed nice for you.


Caught a man trying to piss in our car park earlier in broad daylight where we have a coffee shop over the road.

Then caught my neighbour using our bin again and she keeps telling me to get a life and it’s not my bin. It’s my bin and I have a life ma’am.

Now having some fizz and waiting for huzzyb to get home from golf.



No one cares


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The wise man built his house on some rocks. Why rocks? Famously bumpy, rocks.

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I care :frowning: that sounds horrid. Hate stuff like that (the inconvenience plus the arguments). Hope you get it sorted x


Evening all :wave:

I’m in Norwich! We’re heading to Cromer tomorrow, in the footsteps of @urbanfox but with an easier journey. Had a surprisingly decent meal at Zizzi with the cheeksters, but it’s only 8pm. Probably going to have a wander around so that it’s at least dark by the time we try to get them to bed.


Cheers pal. I’m absolutely livid right now. Hopefully we’ll get a new kitchen out of though!

Meanwhile we have a massive, loud as fuck, industrial dehumidifier in the middle of our apartment for the next 4/5 days