Thursday night is it

Two night threads in two days I’m a ho.

Plans? Hope everyone is well and if you’re not accept this massive hug :hugs:


Feeling :sleepy: so will take that hug
Going swimming in the morning which will be nice


Kids are here, I’m doing baked tatties and beans for tea

Drinking tea but about to crack one of the beers me neighbours bought me back from north Devon.

I’m absolutely exhausted. Dunno why.

Quite want to go to bed and read but I’m not into anything I’m reading at the moment and can’t be arsed looking up something new. Might stare at the walls for a few hours.

Because it’s Thursday night
And the feeling’s right
Yes it’s Thursday night
Oh what a night

Mainly I will be working, also eating some pasta with co-op not meat meatballs. Probably drink some tea. Standaaard

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Was gonna go to the gym but it started chucking it down and I couldn’t ba

Today I’ve seen: squirrel, alpaca, horse, chicken, duck, rabbit, dog, cat, some birds or whatever who cares, goat, sheep.

Oh, and cow


Hot dogs for tea. Back to work tomorrow and got the fear pretty bad.

Earache, headache, backache, acheache. Also out of paracetamol so have a choice of old codeine or alcohol to medicate. Fuck I’m such a misery recently.

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Having a shocker of a day MH wise. Here for another 2½ hours. Great

Had a pub lunch earlier, will probably have a full size dinner too. Don’t care.

No big plans. Might have a beer since it’s nearly the weekend.

:hugs: look after yourself pal.


Wor Lass made fennel and chilli meatballs with spaghetti. It was excellent.

I’ve christened The Child ‘The Tooty-Bum Bandit’ because she keeps farting and pretending it isn’t her. Wor Lass keeps losing it whenever I say it, and The Child is not enjoying her mother being incapacitated by laughter.


Biggest hailstorm I’ve ever seen here.
Putting the silly toddler to bed now. She came home from nursery very much on the edge.

What sort o literature do you like

Oh my whole hip just cracked. That can’t be good

Also feeling very :sob: today. For no real reason other than just tired and work is relentless and just fed up of being cold already and urgh.

Making some dinner and then might watch that Ebola Holmes thing for some cheer.

In 2020 I would believe it! :grinning:

Hope you’re okay though.



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Dahl for tea.
What shall I watch on the box?

Need to get some bits from the shop. But might go get a fairly big shop.

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