Thursday Night It Is


I should be out in the evening twilight pretending to be a living being but I got drunk in the park this afternoon, and now I’m sunburnt so I’m sitting indoors being drunk and sad instead!
Also I’ve got a job interview to sell some curtains at 11 in the morning. Honestly my CV’s starting to look like a game of Happy Families.
What’re you up to babes? Got any plans for the coming weekend?
Also is it just because it’s spring that I’m feeling pretty frisky or have I just been bitten by some weird insect?


hello mate.

Doing some sit ups, working out is hard. I have no idea how those guys and girls out there get so fit and sexy!

Might go for a walk and listen to the new buxton podcast.


Gonna cook a chicken cacciatore and then maybe smoke a number in the garden.


I have resin and no tobacco! Argh nightmare etc.


Off out to a gig. Had a shit day at work. Gonna eat a burrito and then drink myself into a stupor.


We’re all due one in a while mate. Who’re you seeing?


English Heretic. Not heard them but a mate plays in them. Quietus bloke is doing something as support.


Hey man I’ve got a shit ton of body issues too but all I can say is you don’t want to invest in someone who’s just after a certain body shape (really)


An underwhelming article, no doubt.


Looks like uni isn’t going ahead tonight as I’ve not had a link to the online lecture, but I’m paranoid they’ve just left me out on purpose, which is clearly ridiculous and the kind of social anxiety that explains my presence on DiS.

Got loads of boring work to do that I was paid in advance for last year, eugh, and I need to get the flat looking nice as it’s a mess.

Had a nice veggie burger with some of that beetroot and mint dip as sauce for dinner.


Read out over minimal techno.


Much more likely to be an administration error/lecturer fucking up than a conspiracy. But I do quite like conspiracies.
Bloody hell the amount you do is inspirational though.


Heyo everyone,

Fell asleep reading before 9 yesterday so gonna try beat that. Really fancy some chocolate but can’t be arsed leaving the house really.

Invited to two things tomorrow but can’t really be arsed with either, just want to come home and order a takeaway


I’m going to a murder mystery night tonight. I knackered but really looking forward to it.

I’ve won the last two I’ve been to.


Order it now for tomorrow, eliminate all chance.


I’ve got some herbal stuff as I’m trying to quit the cigs. Doesn’t make as nice a smoke as the baccy but I suspect that’s because of the nicotine content. Might just start smoking blunts or buy a vapourizer like a complete tosser.


I know the stuff, a bit spicy but not bad, do you get bits of it floating in the air sometimes?
I would recommend blunts if you can get quality grass and are rich enough (even if it’s just one skinners tbh)


Yeah, kind of. Bit of a muchness, really.


And no, I can’t really. Just get a bit of hash every few months which is nice but obviously can’t really be smoked without some filler.

This is now the 4:20 thread #onelove


Burrito placed closed :sob: