Thursday night let's have a fight

Actually, let’s discuss dinner instead

We had disappointing macaroni. Luckily mrS did a garage run so I have wine and crisps to eat in a bit.

Kids are playing Fortnite with their friends whilst talking continuously. It would make a good torture method I reckon.

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Still at work. Dunno what’s for tea, but we’re selling nice dried spaghetti at 50p for 500g.


My beef stir fry was excellent. It’s amazing how good things taste after you soak them in soy sauce for seven hours.

I had two assessment phonecalls to do tonight but one of the guys has moved into new accommodation and can’t get a mobile signal. I’ve got six students hanging over into next week.

After I do bedtime, I’ll finish putting my assignment together and drink some nice beer.

is that just your store?

I messaged a lassie on tinder about the time I improvised song lyrics over a don caballero track about my torso being able to travel through time


I’ve got leftover pan haggerty for dinner. I’m going to pour some cheese sauce over it

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I like and deeply appreciate these replies however apparently the evening thread is apparently actually the lottery titled one 🤷


Across the business

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getting my sorry ass down to m&s then.

Valdegraino spaghetti is 75p for 500g. Can’t remember the 50p brand

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max per customer or just free for all?

soz just trying to get as much out of my budget as poss rn.

Linguine’s about to go in

what’s the sauce?

English bolognese. The meatless farm Co mince works properly well in it

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Oh FFS. Went to the Co-op mainly to get garlic bread to go with my chorizo & chickpea stew; came out with everything else but forgot to get the garlic bread.

  • Make some sad half-arsed attempt at GB with a couple of slices of Warburton’s
  • Some naan will do just fine, silly
  • Both are wrong, no bread for you

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who actually listens to LBC

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With so much drama on the LBC it’s kinda hard being snoop D-O-double-G


Free for all

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there’s this show on tv and i think rylan is in the black lodge


No message back :confused:

My sensibility clashes with the dating world