Thursday Night, not alright

Evening. Big plans? Fancy dinner?

Or just like me watching tv?

Had cous cous, hotdogs and cherry tomatoes - classic rationing dinner. Going to watch the One Show and Great British Menu, then 10 Years Younger.

What about you?

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Evening @laelfy

Had the kids this afternoon after a handover with my ex, need to do a supply drop to some isolators in half an hour.

Barely eaten all day, not really hungry, just a quiet evening trying to marshal the young 'uns to bed and then going the same way myself.

Reduced opening hours means I’m home at a reasonable time on a late shift. Sunset was stunning


Evening all.

Just overheard the girls playing some make believe game. Sample dialogue: “so you think you can destroy Lionel Richie do you??”


not long back from the shops and have stocked up on more tomatoes, so you can all relax. :grinning:
have decided to open some white wine. gonna cook up some fish with a nice salad.

my sis has still yet to give birth, hopefully it’ll happen soon.


They’ll be playing that game all night long.


My partner is still working. We’ve taken very different approaches to the WFH situation.

Hoping to watch Masterchef and have a can of Red Stripe.


Had a seminar presenting research on the conflict in Syria there. Puts things into perspective, or it would do, if anything seemed real at all (which it doesn’t)

so is mine. how!? getting a bit annoyed tbh but I’m sure she’s just as pissed off with my slacker lifestyle

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After a disastrous day yesterday today was actually mostly quite nice.

Still waiting on various deliveries I was hoping for on Monday. Three things, at least one was courier so really should have turned up even if the Royal Mail stuff is delayed. Minor but is making me anxious.

R’s dad was being spiteful telling me I was wrong to let R out in the garden. So I muted him. That felt quite good.

Hope you are all ok x


Cooked some chana masala

Had some yogurt

Got a beer

Gonna ride into the city tomorrow to go and watch the sunrise over one of the bridges so an early night I think


Cooking some pasta, drinking a corona.

The dog is in so much pain and there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s really distressing.

R’s dad can go fuck himself, quite frankly.
(sorry, I’m feeling quite egregious this evening)


Oh yeah, what @anon26275971 said too

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had mac cheese and broc

now watching the news, not sure why, then its fiveguysinaweek and watch something else that I will let mrS choose.

Sorry :disappointed: poor doggo x


Posted mine to you (if that’s one of them) at the weekend first class so should be there by now but no idea how long the delay is.

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Funky, you’re a :star2:


Nooooo just in a position where I have access to booze and chocolate and can spread a tiny bit of joy. Parcel on it’s way to fapps and BS too.


She doesn’t understand and that’s the worst bit