Thursday Night, not alright

He’s been Ian Beale for nearly a decade longer than I’ve been alive.
Also, his storyline section on Wikipedia is a RIDE

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now I’m the only one in the chat and I’ve posted

I feel like such a winner



This is actually Cate Blanchett!


:scream: :smiley:

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Have you ever said non-jokingly that you or someone else tried their ‘level best’?

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Let me guess, do you fancy him too?

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Can’t believe Biz Markie sampled that song and then Gilbert O’Sullivan sued him and fucked up hip-hop.,_Ltd._v._Warner_Bros._Records_Inc.

House is the greatest tv show ever made

that’s why it’s natural for him to be alone, the bastard


He certainly doesn’t look like the sort of prick who’d be that litigious to stifle an entire artform. Definitely not. Also he stole his fucking NAME. So, you know, fuck off Gilbert, enjoy your solitude.

This is a much better song

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Skyped the lads. Didn’t sit an online test I was meant to (no card to
Pay for it.) Bit pissed. Getting better at being nursery substitute but need more structure. Feeling more philosophical about potential job hunt etc. Wondering when I’m gonna be able to read some more of my book with how full my days are with the little ones. That is all.

That shit was messy. Goin’ Off is still going to make me feel better at any given time.

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Can’t believe it’s been nearly 29 years since that slag smashed into Biz Markie it still freaks my nut out to this day


Trying to do an online shop, as need to self isolate. Fucking nothing is there? Sort of at that point of wanting to cry and laugh.


That installation was amazing

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Still freaks my nut out they chose to make a sequel to Blade Runner

Never seen either. Worth it?

Do you like sci fi?

It’s probably a bit more pulpy than most sociology papers based on it would have you believe but it’s got some nice atmosphere and shots. It’s good. It’s probably overrated.