Thursday Night, not alright

And somehow Jared Leto manages to be just about tolerable

Probs also in the category of “worth seeing just to have seen it” too. Given everything said about it and influenced by it

Quite liked him in Dallas Buyers Club too tbf

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Not really.


Not gonna waste an opportunity to post this



It’s pretty great and v influential but if you told me to listen to a great swing band I still wouldn’t so, hard to say


Just finished dinner at 11.05pm. Not even gonna try fighting the full nocturnal routine.

found an old choon I made in 2016 that I forgot was quite good

then I’m off to bed

Nocturnal is fun, I’m currently working late at night to catch up from doing childcare in the day, so I’m aiming to get to bed tonight around 1:00 and be back downstairs at around 7:00 tomorrow morning :grimacing: Feels good, but also a bit hardcore, these are days with no real rest periods or personal mental space (other than posting shit on here which is what’s keeping me sane)

No idea how I’m meant to do 11.5 more weeks of this.

Ate too much chocolate mousse

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:smiley: surprisingly not.
Sorry Adam