Thursday night thunder (the thursday morning thread)


I got woken up by a fuck off massive thunder storm.

So… tell me how you are


The thunder missed us, but I’m awake after trying and failing to capture the Turner-like sunrise


Just got to work. Wore my non-breathable coat to cycle in. Now my polo shirt’s musty as fuck and damp around the collar. Worst thing ever. Day a complete write-off.


First heavy rain we’ve had, it’s a nice sound.


Been up since about 5am but thats OK cause we’re now en route to Scotland for 4 nights, timing getting away couldnt be better after the last few days.

F is excited for her first trip to Scotland…

First stop, Tebay.


At least it’s payday, so I can have a fun 30 seconds feeling like I have money until I realise I have to pay it all to various people. :slight_smile:



Been at work since 4.45. Had an eerily quiet cycle in.

Just having breakfast and then back down the train mines for another 3 and a half hours.

It’s raining a lot here


Been raining since at least 1.30 this morning. Had a very enjoyable 10mins or so at 6.30 laying in bed listening to it. On the 12-8 today, so morning off. Won’t to anything obvs as it’s pissing down, so probably drink tea.

Awww what a face :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Have an amazing time x

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4 hours sleep is not enough sleep

Morning. Woken at about 4am thanks to the thunder and lightning and didn’t get back to sleep. At least Jimbo slept through it, which means he shouldn’t turn into a tired irritable shit by mid afternoon.

Zero plans for the day - I’m in the office tomorrow so perhaps I should get a pint at the Basketmakers at lunchtime?

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Thankyou! :blush: x

Love the rain, hate the fact that I got home last night and there were a bunch of flies in my flat. I don’t know where they’ve come from but I’ve seen about a dozen so far :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Waged war on the ones in my room last night with a hand fan, a hoover, a book and a big notepad (notepad most successful at killing them but the others had some level of success too). Shut the door, closed the window… and then this morning the sound I wake up to is a fly buzzing :rage:

Definitely definitely need to tidy now.

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It’s my friday, whilst also specifically being a Thursday.

Walked the dog while listening to the latest Beef & Dairy Network pod. Might buy some Clints.

Working, then off south to Stockton to see the Twilight Sad. Not seen them for a few years, and can’t wait.

Also less than 24 hours until the new Pianos Become The Teeth album is out. Bit giddy tbh.

Starting the day with some buildings i have the hots for



Had about 3 hours sleep - my cat is the worst.


Got woken up by the work WhatsApp chat informing me that someone who was in the office on my entirely pointless office day this week has the 'rona, so that’s good.

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  • our garage has flooded again
  • I got soaked cycling to the train station (my waterproofs aren’t as waterproof as they should be)
  • I’ve left my keys at home so I’m gonna have to walk home tonight

So yeah, top quality start to the day

Been awake on and off since 5 :person_shrugging:

Kids are going fishing so I am going to go mooch about the shops and that.

No rain here yet

What has two thumbs and left their fridge ajar overnight!


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