Thursday Night Vote Thread

Evening, hope you’ve all voted already (I haven’t but will).

Please feel free to use this thread to make people vote for things (what to have for dinner, what to do, etc)

  • I have voted in the EU elections today
  • I have not voted but I will
  • I have not voted and I won’t
  • Not on UKbook M9

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Feeling lazy. Ordered a burger and curly fries for tea. Drinking cans of beer, watching The World at War and then an earlyish night.

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Decent backup polling station, as the usual one is out of action for school exams.

Home alone, so pizza and beer for tea. Baby is fed. Time for bedtime soon.



tennis shortly but I think there might be tennis club people there on Thursday nights so it might get cancelled. Would be good to do some exercise though

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I’ve been scrolling some Penzance skaters instagrams and now I want to skate again and move to Penzance.


Pretty flowers.

I would like to kiss your little girls chubby cheeks :heart_eyes:


Making some spicy pork and wedges and watching Veep. That’s it really :smiley:

Voted earlier

I voted for the liebour party.


That sounds a dreamy evening. I love everything about it. Hope you enjoy it!

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Let me know if you’re in, or passing through winch, and there’s an opportunity to

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I wanna start skating again, but a mid 30s fat lad on a skateboard probably isn’t the best look

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Once you move to Scotland, you never move back (from Scotland)


I’ve voted. Marinated some chicken legs on gochujang, soy, honey and ginger. Looking forward to eating it.

I’ve spent all day reading about the Spanish Civil War, so watching John Wick 2 to decompress a little.

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I think skaters are accepting of other skaters. It’s a good sport for friendly support cause everyone’s really happy if you do something well. we could make good friends.

I voted at half seven this morning, like an old person.

'er indoors is making Thai green curry.

Did you make sure you went and did a massive big food shop right after?

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I will! Don’t go there often as its where I went to secondary school so it’s a bit of an emotional roller-coaster for me but if we do I absolutely will let you know and thank you that is so kind :hugs:

What school did you go to out of interest?

Westgate! You?