Thursday Night yessirs

Got my bacon egg and chipz


What the hell is this thread title, Tilty?

Can we ban a mod? :wink:


I knew you can’t mute 'em!!! :wink:

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Might have pizza.

Having fried eggs on toast (chestnut marans on superseded finest bread) and I’m buzzing for it. Flat is pretty cold though so will be huddling under a blanket tonight



Was on a diversity call earlier and the office manager from my old job where I was bullied by my boss (who’s now running the place) talked about how positive a working environment.

I shared a particularly pointed anecdote about how “a previous boss” had treated me that was pretty, pretty thinly veiled. People looked aghast.

Probably shouldn’t have done that but my blood felt all… fizzy.


Gonna name my fish and meat shop Your Plaice or Mince.

It was supposed to be yessirs ok

Always prefer a good mince

Details please, birthday boy

Went for a nice walk around a lake :national_park:

Bought some knitting needles and wool :yarn:

Had veggie lasagne for dinner :carrot:

PhD stuff this evening :computer: but maybe a couple of races on Mario Kart :video_game:

Didn’t see a filth thread today but, This came up as an ad on my instagram today:

  1. I haven’t watched porn for quite some time so bit confused what venn diagram I have met for this to come up.
  2. This could be abused and also a bit of a kink for people.


Risotto for dinner, no plans for the evening. But I’ve got the day off tomorrow so maybe I should try making tonight more like a Friday night. Except what does that even mean any more?

Had one of my faves dinners, the meera sodha chard and potato curry, even m loves it. Eating biscuits ans watching the kids bake off.

Cleared some clothes out today because my drawers and wardrobe are damp :pensive: hoping having fewer things will help keep them aired a bit also means I have 2 drawers i can’t use at all now.

Cat has really upped his annoyingness lately

One of my cactuses has started flowering! :relaxed:


Just realised fish are pretty much all muscle.

Alright. Got minestrone soup for tea, with some nice crusty bread (from Hoxton Bakehouse @frenchtoast). Got some of that vino as well. Proper tired, so bed early I reckon


Butterfly chick (hot)
Peri fries
Garlic bread

At it in my car with my fingers, happy normal birthday to me


Mrs F just had a call with her MRI results and doesn’t have any cancer or anything needing surgery like we thought so that’s nice isn’t it.