Thursday Night yessirs

Good evening friends

Today was kind of ok, so that was good. Buoyed by effectively getting R’s autism diagnosis sorted and hopefully getting some more avenues for support for him.

Going to be watching Lord of the Rings shortly with Film Club, so that should be fun.


I love sprouts so much. I’m into this meal


Ate fillet. Wasn’t all that nice tbh. Made a good jus though.

Oh no, got a uni zoom in 10 minutes i forgot about, just about to settle down with a chai and an hour of crochet before work. Fuuuuuuuuuuck ooooooofffffff zoom


I’ve got to help three pals with Covid funding applications so poured a glass of port and doing some of that now

I was pretty indifferent to sprouts until recently when I found out all of the things you can do with shredding them rather than just boiling them whole which was the only way my mum ever cooked them.


There is something weirdly Dickensian about this but I can’t quite identify what it is.

Loving your work!

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I spent the first three years of my relationship with Wor Lass gleefully finding new ways of cooking sprouts every December until she finally told me she doesn’t like sprouts and was just humouring me.

I’m allowed one bag a year now and I have to eat them all.


Damn! Out of stock. This would have been an ideal pressie for my bf

I was thinking about how when you say meat it usually means muscle of an animal and how people eat virtually all of a fish. Then Fish = virtually all muscle.

Why were you thinking that

I have felt a bit urkghy all day. Weather’d better not be shit tomorrow so I can go for a proper walk

@frenchtoast said something about a meat and fish shop. So was thinking about the difference between meat and fish word-wise.

And I’m very bored/boring.

They use different letters


What happened to tonight’s thread? How odd! Where has everyone gone?

All watching lotr

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My boyfriend microwaved some fish 36 hours ago and the microwave still smells of fish

I can’t smell unpleasant smells. Covid has removed my ability to smell anything bad, because the coronavirus wants me to eat poisonous food so I die.

I can smell things like bath bombs, deodorant and mouthwash. But put my head in a rancid bin and I’d smell nothing.

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