Thursday Night yessirs

@frenchtoast said something about a meat and fish shop. So was thinking about the difference between meat and fish word-wise.

And I’m very bored/boring.

They use different letters


What happened to tonight’s thread? How odd! Where has everyone gone?

All watching lotr

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My boyfriend microwaved some fish 36 hours ago and the microwave still smells of fish

Adapting well to WFH.


I can’t smell unpleasant smells. Covid has removed my ability to smell anything bad, because the coronavirus wants me to eat poisonous food so I die.

I can smell things like bath bombs, deodorant and mouthwash. But put my head in a rancid bin and I’d smell nothing.

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Can you smell nice smells yet?

I’ve just updated my post to provide additional detail

Happy normal birthday, Joke69.

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Fingers crossed the rest of your sense of smell comes back soon

Thanks :+1:

My brother had it last year and said it took 6 weeks for him so I’m hoping I’m the same, if the other option is that it stays like this forever

Former diser @zapsta had it in march and his sense of smell took 6 weeks to come back too.

I read something the other day saying that the advice for people trying to get their sense of smell back is to smell lots of different things every day, like essential oils or smelling every herb and spice you’ve got in the cupboard one by one. Or in your case maybe stick your head in a load of bins.

Another lesser discussed symptom that fappable and me to a lesser extent experienced was reduced sensitivity to temperature in the mouth, being able to drink really hot tea

Fucking bizarre disease, who does that

Sorry this should be in the other thread

Oh did he! Glad he was okay

Yeah I do do that, but maybe with not enough variation, yeah I need to start smelling mould and rancid arld fucking stilton innit

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Sorry everyone

For what?


This is funny


Apart from the sense of smell I don’t think he had many symptoms, he felt feverish for a day and then felt better the next day, but then lost his sense of smell. Obviously couldn’t get a test back then but the sense of smell thing seems quite definitive.

I’ll send you our microwave that my boyfriend heated fish in yesterday, that’s going to stink for a while